Search for a Star

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Search for a Star

Search for a Star - could you be on TV?

Hochanda Craft and hobby shopping channel

Would you love to be on TV? Do you have a product you want to sell to the nation?  Or do you have great

Craft Yourself Silly design and manufacture products, print fabrics, provide warehousing and distribution for other brands and sell all of the above through TV shopping channel Hochanda. As their business grows they are now looking to expand both their team and the products that they offer which has lead for this search for new stars. demonstration skills and are happy to use them to help sell other people’s products? We have teamed up with Craft Yourself Silly and Hochanda to set up a search for 3 new stars. Not only would you get to appear on national TV, but you can earn an average of £100 - £200 per show.

Craft Yourself Silly


They are looking for:

  • Great teachers or demonstrators who would be comfortable in front of the camera
  • People who have a good product but don’t know how to get started in TV shopping
  • Those who have a brilliant idea but need help getting it to market
  • Or people that have the designs but lack the time or funds to get it going

Become Hochanda's new TV star


They are seeking new products, demonstrators and a new brand representative for Craft Yourself Silly. If you think you have what it takes apply now. 

Hochanda are excited to meet their new stars with their representative saying:


Hochanda are proud to support Craft Yourself Silly in their ‘Search for a Star’. By partnering with Quilt Along With John, Debbie Garland Designs and Sew Totally Trisha, Craft Yourself Silly have provided these brands with an exciting opportunity to showcase their undeniable talent.

Their designs and demonstrations are now seen by a large audience of dedicated viewers, here on Hochanda. Our soft craft shows have gone from strength to strength, as we continue to share a wide range of sewing, quilting and knitting demonstrations. We are excited to see what the next ‘Search for a Star’ brings.

If you are interested in being the new star of Hochanda please complete this entry form by the 31st of May.

Craft Yourself Silly will contact the 10 pitches they are most interested in by the 7th of June to discuss next steps.

If you have any queries please contact Hayley at Craft Yourself Silly.



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