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As many of you already know I started The Sewing Directory 5 years ago naively thinking it would be something I could work at a couple hours a day.  I never ever dreamed that it would become so popular and grow so incredibly fast!  That is all thanks to you, the visitors and social media followers who have helped the site become what it is today.  I really appreciate your support over the years.

I’ve achieved many milestones over the last few years including publishing my first book, writing for many magazines, hosting sewing meet-ups so I could meet many of you in person and achieving unbelievable amounts of traffic to the site (close to 2 million visits!).Julie Briggs co-owner of The Sewing Directory

As the site has continued to grow I realised something, it was no longer something I could continue to do alone.  I’ve made myself ill on many occasions trying to keep on top of everything myself.   So I decided at the end of last year it was time for something to change.  The next step of this journey will not be taken alone but with a brilliant, knowledgeable and lovely business partner beside me.

It’s taken me a long time to find the right person to manage the site alongside me.  The Sewing Directory means so much to me and has been the focus of my life for the last 5 years so I needed to find someone who would be as passionate as me, and someone who knows the sewing industry well.

I’m very pleased to say I have found that person…. Julie Briggs.

Many of you will know her as the editor of Sewing World Magazine, the one who refreshed the magazine in the last few years making it modern and desirable.   Her finger is on the pulse of the industry and she knows what people like.

Her background is in content which is an area of the site I really want to build on going forward, so with Julie at the helm alongside me you can expect to see many more useful technique guides, fabulous projects and interesting features.

"I was absolutely thrilled to be asked by Fiona to be her partner on The Sewing Directory. I have worked with her closely during my time at 'Sewing World' magazine, sharing ideas and much enthusiasm for our favourite subject - sewing! I have an enormous amount of respect for Fiona and what she has achieved on her own and I hope that I can bring my experience and ideas to add to hers to make The Sewing Directory even more amazing than it is now!" 

I hope you’ll join me in welcoming Julie to the site.  She will be starting in the middle of April so I’ll publish her contact details then so that if you want to be featured in the content, or write any content for the site you can get in touch with her.  

In the meantime if you want to let me know what you’d like to see on the site going forward do feel free to send me a message, or let me know on social media.  All of your feedback will be taken on board when we are planning future content for the site.

I hope you enjoy seeing the site continue to grow with myself and Julie.

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