Great British Sewing Bee Series 2 contestants

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Series 2 of The Great British Sewing Bee

Contestants from Series 2 of The Great British Sewing Bee

From Left to right: Julie, Lynda, Heather, Cerina, Simon, Chinelo, David, Tamara and Jenni

Image © Love Productions/Charlotte Medlicott


Please note all links have been removed from this post because most of them are dead due to the time elapsed since this post was written.

With just one week to go until the first episode of the new series we can now find out a little more about what to expect from Series 2.  The new contestants are shown above and it has been confirmed that the series will indeed be double the length of the last one, a whole 8 episodes!   You can see a couple of clips from episode one here.

I've been using my detective skills to find out what I can about the contestants.  This is what I've gathered so far...Sewing Bee Judges Partrick and May

Jenni = Jenniffer Taylor (what  a suitable name!) she has been sewing for a couple of years and made her own wedding dress.  She now runs upcycling workshops under the name of Tailor Taylor and sells items she has sewn at craft fairs. Find out more on her website

Cerina = Cerina Nichamin. Cerina is an artist who paints oil paintings.  You can find out more about her artwork here or find her on Twitter here.

Simon = Simon Cantrill.  Being so ahead of the trends I have already interviewed Simon a year or so ago here.  Simon loves to make his own clothes and has tackled trousers, shirts and jackets and even a 3 piece suit.   You can find Simon on Twitter here.

Chinelo = Chinelo Bally. Chinelo describes herself as  'a dressmaker, freehand cutter and blogger'.  She is Nigerian born but has lived in the UK most of her life.  She dreams of being a fashion designer and having her own clothing line. After making her own clothes for years she now makes bespoke clothing for others.  More details here:

Lynda - Her daughter Sarah runs the Crafts from The Cwtch blog here and has blogged about her mum's part in the show. Lynda is deaf and has to wear hearing aids, she used to sew her own clothes in her teens but hadn't sewn much immediately before applying to the show.  Find Lynda on Twitter here.

Tamara = Tamara Melvin.  She runs a children's party events company called Little Pickle Parties. You can also find her on Twitter here, other than that there is little info, the sites in her Twitter profile are not yet live.

David = David Dawson. He has a Facebook page here where he shares sewing tutorials you can also find his video tutorials on You Tube.

**Update 13th Feb** - BBC have just added contestant profiles here.

The first episode will be shown next Tuesday (18th Feb) at 8pm on BBC 2 so set your Sky box to record now!   In the first episode the contestants will be tested on how well they can handle sewing with 3 different fabrics - Cotton, wool and silk.

If you'd like to learn more about handling different types of fabrics including those 3 then do take a look at our useful guide to sewing with different fabrics.

If you'd like a little sneak preview take a look at this trailer here.


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