The Sewing Directory meetups 2013

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The Sewing Directory Meet Ups

After running The Sewing Directory for almost 3 years now we have built a great community around the site and wanted the chance to meet you in person.  So we've arranged 3 meet ups, one in London, one in Liverpool and one in Exeter, all Spring/Summer 2013.

The Sewing Directory meetups 2013

The plan is that we will have someone teaching a hand sewn project at each meet up, so that we can chat whilst we sew, there will also be games and a raffle plus refresments.  We are providing most the supplies for the projects, with the help of our lovely sponsors, as well as refreshments and the venues.  So you just have to bring yourselves and basic sewing supplies (needles, pins, scissors & thread). Please do feel free to bring another handsewing project with you too.

We have kept the price as low as possible so as to just cover our costs.  We want these meet ups to be like a friendly sewing group, not a profit making venture.  The costs have been spread amongst all 3 venues so that the ticket price is the same no matter which one you attend - £15 per person.

Click on the venue locations below to get full details:


Exeter - 16th of March sponsored by

The Village Haberdashery fabrics and haberdashery supplies


London - 27th April sponsored by

Sewbox online dressmaking fabric store


 Liverpool - 15th June sponsored by

Abakhan Fabrics Sewing Directory Meet up


 We would like to thank the following companies for providing prizes for the raffle


Rainbow Disks craft e-booksKorbond Sewing Supplies 

Search Press art and craft books


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