Sewing Tips from Lily's Quilts

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Sewing Tips

This week's useful sewing & quilting tips have been provided by Lynne Goldsworthy from the popular Lily's Quilts blog. Do make sure you pop over to her blog for great tutorials, advice and inspiratiKorbond Lint rolleron.

1. The humble Korbond roller is your friend - You can buy these in your local supermarket.  They are cheap and so are the refills.  Finish a block and want to photograph it?  Run the roller over it and all the little threads will be picked up in one sweep.  Cutting off all those little threads sticking out at seams on a finished quilt?  Run the roller over the threads you cut as you go and they're all collected and don't stick to your fingers, your jumper, the carpet etc. Just unpicked a seam?  Run the roller over the seam lines and it will magically pick up all those annoying little threads for you.  Going straight from the sewing room and out of the door?  Run the roller over your clothes and hey presto, the threads will be removed from you too!

 Sewing tips from Lily's Quilts
2. Tweezers -  I buy these in the ladies facial hair removing aisle of the chemist or supermarket.  Again, easy to find and cheap to buy.  These come into their own either when unpicking miles and miles of tiny FMQ stitches that went wrong when you thought pebbling would look nice and actually it looked rubbish.  And also useful for the final stage of finishing a quilt when you're pulling out all those little threads sticking up at seams.  When they're too small to grab hold of with your fingers and too stuck in to come out easily, a pair of tweezers will pull them out in a jiffy.  Quilting tips from Lily's Quilts

3. A beach towel - Place a cheap beach or swimming towel on a table, dresser or other surface and use it as an ironing board.  Try it out just to test my theory that blocks lay much flatter and behave better when pressed on a harder surface like a towel on a table than they do on an ironing board.Quilting techniques 

4. A dinner knife - Want to mark some straight quilting lines on a quilt but don't want to use pen and don't have a hera marker?  Use the back rounded end of a knife.  The lines will mark beautifully and vanish once quilted over.  

 Quilting tips from Lily's Quilts

5. My final tip is a specific quilting / piecing tip - When you are making a block and it comes into a lovely point in the middle and you would really like to get that point absolutely perfect, here's the dead simple way to do it.  Take a pin and push it through the point on one of the halves of the block from wrong side to right and then on the other piece of the block from right side to wrong so that the pin is going exactly through the point and the two pieces of the block are right sides together.  Carry the two pieces and the pin over to the sewing machine and slide them under the needle with the pin still in place.  Remove the pin and then hand turn the machine wheel so that the needle lowers itself into the exact spot the pin has just left.  Sew from that point to the edge of the block, flip and sew the rest of the seam.  I made this block using this technique. 

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