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Pings & Needles


Pings & NeedlesPings & Needles is the blog of self confessed ‘nerdy geeky crafter’ Sarah, a British blogger, based on the south coast in Brighton. Sarah is an IT teacher/ teacher trainer by day and a crafter by night. Her blog’s name is a play on words that relates to her nerdy & geeky side - a 'ping' is the nerd word for a test message sent to check the speed of an internet connection and also brings to mind the 'Ping!' of a creative light bulb moment  ... hence the tagline: "the exquisite pain of nerdy creativity" .


The blog follows Sarah’s adventures in quilting, sewing, geekdom, colour, fabric, paper and photography. Sarah is a talented quilter, as her latest project shows the ‘Ruby Star Spring Quilt’ which is hand quilted, randomly tied with 1mm satin ribbon & self bound, and looks stunning! The blog is a lively and entertaining read, with Sarah’s naturally chatty nature coming across well, encouraging readers to comment, which leads to a friendly community feel to the blog. You can read about the progress on her projects, colour palettes that interest her and any quilt alongs she is taking part in. She also runs regular giveaways with some fab prizes.

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