Making the Most from your sewing machine by Marion Elliot

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Get the most from your sewing machine by Marion Elliot

Unlike most ‘How to use your sewing machine' style books this book doesn't just go through the various things you can do with your machine it shows you what you can use each of the functions for by giving youGetting the Most from your sewing machine by Marion Elliot great projects to make using the various stitches.

This bright colourful book is jam packed with projects split into 3 great sections:

Live it!

This section contains projects for the home including storage pockets, appliqués that can be used on bedding, tea cosies, tea towels etc and a ruched cushion.

Wear It!

This section, as the title suggests features projects for items you wear, from trimmings and corsages to accessories such as hair bands and belts.

Love It!

This section includes a great denim cover for your machine, some great tips on getting the most from your workspace, plus bags and photo frames.

There's a really useful section at the back of the book about the world beyond your sewing machine...blogging, selling your crafts online, selling at fairs plus social sewing.

This is a book that any keen sewer (by which I mean person that sews and not smelly drains!) or crafter with a sewing machine would love to own. It's user friendly, inspiring and the pictures and diagrams are striking.

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