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Needle Felted Pansy Brooch

Beginner's needle felt brooch project

This needle felted pansy brooch project has been written by Shropshire-based textile artist Maxine Smith who creates striking and unusual pieces of artwork and wearable art using felting, free machine embroidery and hand embroidery. 

Visit to see more of Maxine’s work.

This felted brooch project is a great way to get started with needle felting on a small scale project. 

What supplies do you need to do needle felting

You will need…

Needle felting sponge or brush

Felting needle (ideally a single needle for accuracy)

Embroidery needle

Fine needle suitable for beading

Piece of green wool felt approximately 1.5-2 inches square

Piece of green felt approximately 1.5-2 inches square (this needn’t be wool felt)

Piece of craft felt approx. 1.25-1.5 inches square

Wool roving in purple, lilac and yellow

Scraps of wool yarn in shades of green

Black/dark seed beads

Black embroidery thread

Purple embroidery thread

Green cotton thread

Brooch back

 A kit containing the wool, threads, beads and brooch back you need to create the pansy brooch is available from Maxine’s online shop.

You can buy the needle felting tools including the needle and mat from The Cotton Patch.



1. Place the piece of green wool felt onto the felting sponge. Arrange the pieces of green yarn and fibres on the wool felt and needle felt them down. The felting needle has minute barbs or hooks along its shaft which felt the fibres together when the needle is poked through the layers.

Beginner's needle felting project

2. Take a small section of the deep purple wool roving and roll it into a puff or teardrop shape.

How to needle felt a flower

3. Needle felt the teardrop shape onto the wool felt background (as shown) to create the first petal of the pansy.

Beginner's guide to needle felting

4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 with a second piece of purple wool roving and needle felt this down to the background piece next to the first petal shape.

How to needle felt flowers

5. Repeat steps 2-4 with two pieces of lilac wool roving. Position these slightly lower than the purple petals so that each petal shape can be seen.

Free small needle felting project

6. Take a slightly larger section of yellow wool roving and roll it into teardrop shape. Leave any tufty ends poking upwards and needle felt this to the background felt (as shown) so that it covers any of the raw ends left by the previous purple and lilac pieces.

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7. Trim any raw ends from the yellow petal, fan them out across the lilac petals and felt the ends down so that it gives the appearance of colour bleeding across the petal.

Trimming felt ends when needle felting

8. Take two strands of black embroidery thread and stitch seven straight stitches from a central point into the petals.

Embroidering a felted brooch

9. Stitch one or more small seed beads into the centre of the flower. You can use cotton thread or clear beading thread if you have this.

How to sew a textile art brooch

10. Stitch the brooch back onto the piece of green backing felt with the green cotton thread.

How to make a brooch from felt

11. Place the piece of craft foam in between the brooch front piece and the backing piece to give some stiffness to the brooch. If you don’t have craft foam, a piece of card would also work.

Flower felted brooch project

12. With your brooch pieces held together like a sandwich, blanket stitch around the edge to attach the brooch front piece to the backing piece. If you’re not confident with blanket stitch, a running stitch or back stitch a few mm in from the edge would also work.

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Your needle felted pansy brooch is now complete!

Pansy needle felted brooch project