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My Image Magazines GarmentsDid you know that there’s 2 new sewing magazines on the market? My Image and Young Image contain patterns developed according the latest trends. My image focuses on women's wear, whilst Young Image’s focus is on children’s wear, although the majority of the patterns are for girls rather than boys. Every season they visit important European fashion fairs to see the trends of an upcoming season. Our stylist translates this inspiration into very wearable patterns! Every single pattern is originally drawn by hand, so that they are able to guarantee brand-new patterns, issue after issue.  Each pattern is ranked in difficulty. This way it's easy to see if you are experienced enough to make a certain pattern. From 1 ("No experience needed") up to 5 ("Much experience needed"). Most of the patterns are ranked 2, 3 and 4. Each magazine contains 16 stylish patterns for women in sizes 36-46.


Although the magazine is produced in the Netherlandsit is written in 4 languages with the image annotations in English, so unlike some other European pattern magazines, such as Patrones the Spanish sewing magazine, there’s no need for translation. Although like most other European pattern magazines the pattern will first need to be traced from the pattern sheet and then both seam and hem allowances added before cutting out your fabric.


The magazines have a pullout instruction section in the middle, with a handy section for notes on pattern’s instructions, which I find rather handy for my own scribbles, for making the garment again. The instructions appear clear and logical, if a little cramped, but that is typical of pattern magazines. There is also a useful help section at the start of the instructions, with some relevant techniques needed for creating the garments, such as stitching a set-in zipper. It’s also worth noting that some of the pattern notations are used than UK stitchers may be familiar with, such as Mid Front (MF) instead of Centre Front (CF) but there is a ‘pattern Sheet Legenda’ included in the help page, so this shouldn’t present any problems. A size chart and fabric layout are also included in the help section. However I did notice that they only use 1 fabric width of 140cm for these layouts, so if you have a fabric of a different width then you will need to calculate your own fabric amount needs and layout.

My Image Patterns Overview


An overview of the designs found in the all the magazines, both current and back issues can be found on their website.


As soon as I get a chance I’ll be giving M1213 a go myself, so will of course let you all know what I think and how it turns out. Of course I’ll make sure that I take a few photos too!My Image M1213 Top

Dots n Stripes sell both My Image and Young Image on their website for £5.50 plus P&P, or you can take out a subscription direct from the magazine.

 Written by Beth Edmondson