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Matt is the winner of series 3 of The Great British Sewing Bee.  He runs a creative lifestyle blog with his wife:  Do pop over to his blog to read his posts on The Sewing Bee.

Sewing tips from Matt Chapple from The Great British Sewing Bee

Expert sewing tips from Sewing Bee winner Matt Chapple

What an absolute pleasure and privilege it is for me win the Great British Sewing Bee! 

Being a contestant on the show certainly taught me a few lessons, one being that reacting quickly to those speed sewing challenges is vitally important. You have to think what is achievable in the time frame, then put your head down and get stitching until Claudia tells you to stop.

Luckily when I’m at home I have a bit more time and a little less pressure. So I can enjoy picking and choosing my projects. I've certainly got more confidence and learnt not to be daunted by challenges.

My sewing tips

I guess it depends on how you've learnt/been taught, but I find the stones and rotary cutter a real blessing. It gives me a really neat precise cut, especially when working with those sheer fabrics like we did on Episode 3.

Using stones to weigh down a sewing pattern


French seams; if you've never tried them please do. it gives a really neat finish to garments plus it makes them stronger and more comfortable to wear. It takes a few mins more but the result is so much more professional.

Measure twice and cut once. Again it's all about time management, but double checking measurements before making that important snip is well worth it. If not you may regret it.

Surely one of the top tips from me has to be always begin with a fully wound bobbin, I may have been quoted saying that on the show once or twice :) It takes an extra few seconds to wind, but that's hugely outweighed by the disappointment you feel when you realised you've done a whole run of non existent stitching.

Pressing - Ironing - fabric


Oh and never, ever, ever iron a garment on anybody!....only mannequins :o)

I really hope you all enjoyed the series.

If you want to keep in touch with how I'm doing and what it was like in the sewing room be sure to follow me on Twitter @sewwhatsnewcouk, find me on Facebook or visit my blog

Happy stitching,


Image credits: 1st image © BBC/Charlotte Medlicott, 2nd & 3rd image © Matt Chapple/Sew Whats New


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