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Ironing Board Cover Project

Sew your own ironing board cover

Is your ironing board cover a little drab?  Do you want to replace it with something a little more colourful and exciting?  Then follow this fab tutorial from Kellie Rose to make a new cover for your ironing board. 

You will need

(I have added approximate measures for the materials as the exact amount needed will depend on the size of your ironing board)

1/2m – 1.5m approx. 100% cotton, depending on the width of your fabric and whether the pattern has a direction (I used an Alexander Henry fabric as his cotton sheeting is a little bit heavier weight than other other quilting cottons)

1/2m approx. Insul-Bright insulating fabric

1/2m approx. polar fleece (optional)

2.5m approx. 25mm Fold Over Elastic

Make it easier with:

A walking foot

Wonder Clips

505 Spray

Re-cover an ironing board

Step 1

Lay out your fabric and place your ironing board on top.

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Step 2

Draw around your ironing board – I used a 3 inch guide but you may want more or less depending on the height of your board.

Tutorial to make a cover for an ironing board

Step 3

Cut around your line so you have something that looks like the above picture.

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Step 4

Repeat for your other layers

Step 5

If using polar fleece (I think this extra layer helps to stop the metal mesh marks from the board transferring on to your garment when ironing, but it does make it trickier to sew) Use a temporary fabric spray adhesive (I used 505 Spray)  between each layer of fabric to help stop it shifting whilst sewing and then trim around all three layers so the edges are all even.

Using Wonder clips

Step 6

Pin the layers, or use these Wonder clips which are awesome when sewing layers!

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Step 7

Sew the fold over elastic to the edge. N.B. a walking foot on your machine will make this much easier.

The best way to do this is to fold the elastic in half and then place the layers in the middle of the elastic making sure the edges of your fabric are at the half way fold of the elastic.

Using a 3 step zig-zag stitch on your machine sew a few stitches to start off and then, with your needle in the down position, pull the elastic as taught as it will go and sew all the layers together, keeping the edges of the fabric butted up to the mid point  fold in the fold over elastic.

Sew an elasticated ironing board cover

Step 8

Sew the elastic all the way around. Where the ends meet just over-sew so the two ends of elastic so the over lap.

Your ironing board cover should have a gather where the elastic pulls the fabric in and it should fit your ironing board snuggly!

Voila! Here is the finished result, the best looking ironing board cover in town!