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Interview with the new editor of Love Sewing Magazine - Amy Thomas

Amy Thomas new Love Sewing EditorPopular sewing magazine Love Sewing is entering it's second year of publication and has a new editor who has just joined the team.  We have spoken to the new editor, Amy (you may know her from the Almond Rock blog), to find out what her plans are for the magazine and what she brings to the role.

Hi Amy, Can you tell us what you did before taking this job? 

I’ve been working in publishing for a little over eight years. Before Love Sewing, I worked as an Editor and a Publishing Specialist on reference books and academic titles, so not as exciting as my new role. You might have also seen me waffling away about my sewing adventures at

What sewing experience do you have and what do you like to sew?

It’s been five years since I started sewing, which may not sound like long but I’ve thrown myself into all kinds of projects. I’ve made coats, jeans and men’s shirts but I LOVE to sew dresses. I wear them almost every day and I really love bright colourful fabrics with interesting designs. Despite being in my 30s I can’t resist a whimsical print!

How and when did you learn to sew?

So it was 2010, I was in my mid-twenties and I realised I didn’t have a hobby! Sewing was something I’d always wanted to learn so I thought, What’s stopping me!? I signed up to a ten-week evening course called Intro to Dressmaking and never looked back.

Describe your sewing space, where do you sew?

I’ve recently moved house and after years of sewing in a tiny corner of the living room, I now have a dedicated sewing space. There’s no more cutting out on the floor; my partner built me a cutting table with built in fabric storage. I have five sewing machines which might seem a tad excessive but three are vintage machines including a tiny handcrank machine that my Grandma learnt to sew on. The latest addition to the room is a polka dot wall, the perfect background for photos of my makes.

Amy Thomas Sewing Room

What’s on your sewing table at the moment?

There is a half made shirt for my partner using some lovely Paul Smith end-bolt fabric I picked up at the Knitting and Stitching show last year – yes he has been waiting a while for that to get started. Plus, a Sew Over It vintage shirtdress for me, and a fancy birthday dress for me to wear out to dinner. I must confess to having several projects underway at the same time; Organised chaos!

What made you apply for the editor’s job?

The chance of combining my professional skills with my passion was too good to resist. My love for sewing been life-changing; every spare minute is now spent making garments, reading about sewing or being an active part of the sewing community. Love Sewing is bright, exciting and such a good read, and although it’s only one year old it’s going from strength to strength. I knew it was the place for me.

Almond Rocks blog - Amy ThomasWhat do you think you will bring to the magazine?

I think having an Editor who has the same passion as the readers will be a great asset: I know the fear associated with trying new techniques, and the giddiness at finding new exciting fabrics and notions. I’m still a beginner in some ways but I’m also eager to expand my skills so hopefully we can tailor the magazine to both the new and the experienced sewer! 

Can you give us some hints about what is coming up in the next few issues?

I’m really excited about August as the Simple Sew free gift is two top patterns that are sure to be in high rotation in everyone’s wardrobe, plus a great hooded t-shirt for kids and the cutest bear toy you might ever see. September is jam packed with dressmaking content and that’s one of my personal goals for the magazine: To get as many dressmaking projects in as possible without compromising on the great home or accessories projects everyone loves as well.

Do you have any plans to change anything about the magazine? 

As I mentioned before, I’m keen to see more dressmaking content in the magazine and I also have an obsession with great prints so I can’t wait to share the best fabrics with the readers to help them get inspired. You might notice a few fun differences in the layout and style of the latest issue which my art editor and I are pretty pleased about. Finally I’m really enjoying working with Claire the designer at Simple Sew because we both want the patterns enclosed in the magazine to be irresistible to readers. I’d love it if someone who doesn’t normally read Love Sewing picks up an issue and is impressed enough to buy again!

Quick Fire round:

What sewing machine do you use?

A computerised Janome SMD4000 that I got from Sewing Machines Direct. And I have a Singer 14SH754 overlocker.

Favourite fabric collection?

Liberty Art Fabrics make my heart sing. I don’t indulge often but when I do, the garments I make become my favourites – like my “Melly” print dress.

Favourite pattern?

How can I pick!? It would have to be New Look 6808 or Simplicity 2444 – perfect wardrobe staples that showcase fabulous prints.

Top sewing tip?

Setting sleeves goes so much easier when you use the half, and half, and half again method. Match your notches, then pin the centre points between each notch, then the centre points between those, repeat until you sleeve is evenly distributed in the armhole and get a lovely smooth finish.

Favourite sewing book?

My sewing bible is the Reader’s Digest Sewing Guide – it’s lapped zipper tutorial is amazingly clear.

 Anise jacket sewn by Amy Thomas

Best thing you’ve ever made?

In 2013 I made my first jacket – the Anise by Colette Patterns. I was so pleased with how it turned out. My welt pockets looked lovely and the two-piece sleeve seams matched perfectly with the back princess seam. It felt like a major step up for my sewing skills.

Worst sewing disaster?

Standing on an upturned sewing needle. It’s as bad as you might think.

Favourite sewing blogs/sites?

Too many to mention (I follow 500+ sewing blogs) and I hope I’m not accused of favouritism but for gorgeous dresses see But it can't be from Dolly Clackett, or for vintage inspiration see A Stitching Odyssey, for international inspiration head to Oonaballoona or Busy Lizzie in Brizzy, and if you want to see someone work wonders by refashioning garments like you’d never expect take a look at Charity Shop Chic. Go peek at my reading list by finding me on Bloglovin as almondrock!


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 Love sewing magazine issue 17 cover