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Useful sewing links for beginner sewers

There are a huge amount of useful sewing tutorials and sewing guides on blogs, sewing websites and on social media for almost anything you could want to know sewing wise.  However, it does take a lot of time to find them so to help you out, we have collected together around 100 of the best below. These useful posts should help you get to grips with your sewing machine, difficult fabrics and make sense of sewing patterns.

I've split them into the following topics, click the links to go straight to the section you want and then keep scrolling downwards:

Sewing with different fabrics

Sewing machines

Sewing machine feet

Sewing patterns

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Learn how to sew with different types of fabric

Sometimes you come across those awkward fabrics, which are perfect for what you want to sew but you don't quite know how to handle them.  Some require special sewing machine feet, others require special stitches, or sometimes it's just that one little tip that can make all the difference.  Below is a selection of links to help guide you in sewing with different types of fabric.


 Sewing with taffeta

Sewing with leather

Sewing with silk

Sewing with chantilly lace

Sewing with satin

Sewing with vinyl/laminated cotton/faux leather

Sewing with knits

Sewing with felt

How to sew with PVC

How to sew ripstop nylon

How to sew with silk

Sewing with chiffon

Sewing with linen

Sewing with lace

Sewing with stretch lace

Sewing with spandex

Sewing with wool fabrics

Sewing with oilcloth

Sewing with sheer fabrics

Sewing with suede

Sewing with flannel

Sewing with cuddle fleece

How to sew neoprene and scuba fabrics

How to sew with minky fabrics
Plush cuddle fabrics from Plush Addict

 Sewing with waterproof fabrics

Sewing with fleece

Sewing with netting and tulle

Sewing with cotton

Sewing with delicate fabrics

Sewing with faux fur

Sewing with sequined fabric

Sewing with tweed

Sewing with striped fabrics

Sewing with denim

Sewing with chalk cloth

Sewing with cork fabric

How to sew with different types of fabric

Dressmaking with quilting cotton

Sewing with muslin

Sewing with boiled wool

Sewing with  Liberty Tana Lawn

Sewing with burlap

Sewing with corduroy

Sewing with velvet

Sewing with polyester

 Sewing with voile

Identifying fabrics

How to sew with rayon challis fabrics

How to use your sewing machine

From considering which sewing machine to buy to trouble-shooting common machine problems, these links will prove useful to all sewing machine owners.  Learning how to use all the functions and feet, and how to properly look after your sewing machine will really help you make the most of it.

Maintaining your sewing machine

What thread to use for your sewing project

How to sew with a twin needle

Guide to sewing machine needles

Guide to sewing machine feet

Finding a replacement sewing machine manual

Basic sewing machine troubleshooting

Understanding thread tension

Dealing with thread tension issues

How to maintain your sewing machine

The beginner's guide to using a sewing machine

Common sewing machine problems solved

Basic sewing machine stitches

Basic seams

The anatomy of a sewing machine

How to thread your sewing machine

What to think about when buying a sewing machine

In depth sewing machine maintenance guide

Practising your sewing machine stitches

Sewing without a foot pedal

 Learn how to use your sewing machine feet

You know those funny looking sewing machine feet that you hide away and are not sure what to use them for?  Well the links below will help you realise that they can actually save you time or make certain jobs so much easier.  Find out which sewing machine feet to use for what job, and how to use them.

How to use a walking foot

How to use an automatic buttonhole foot

How to use a zipper foot

How to use a narrow rolled hem foot

How to use a binding foot

How to sew with an overlock foot

How to use the free motion foot/darning foot

Using a side cutter foot

Sewing machine feet guide for beginners

How to use a gather foot

How to use a welting foot

How to use a ruffler foot

How to use a cut and hem presser foot

How to use a piping foot

How to use a hemming foot

Specialist feet for patchwork and quilting

How to sew with an applique foot

How to use an invisible zipper foot

How to use your sewing machine feet

Learn to use a blind hem foot

Sewing with a roller foot

How to use a teflon foot/non-stitck foot

Feet for accurate stitching

How to use a quarter inch foot

How to use a beading foot

How to use a braiding/couching foot

How to use a felling foot/lap seam foot

How to sew with a fringe foot

Hem stitching with a wing needle

How to use sewing patterns useful tips and techniques

Sewing patterns can be a little confusing when you first start out so the useful links we've gathered here will help you choose the right pattern for you, and figure out how to use it.

Making sense of sewing patterns

What size sewing pattern to buy

Choosing the right pattern

Beginner's guide to reading a sewing pattern

How to use a pdf sewing pattern

How to trace sewing patterns

Making common pattern alterations

What sewing patterns suit your body shape

Tips for accurate fitting

How to design your own sewing patterns

How to draft your own sewing patterns

How to draft your own digital sewing patterns



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