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This project has been provided by Atelier Millinery who specialise in hat making workshops in London. They are a one stop shop for all things millinery - selling hats and trimmings in Soho. You can buy the components to make this fascinator as a kit.  Just head over to their website for more details.


Millinery supplies from Atelier Millinery


Project to make a wedding fascinator

Make your own Fascinator Millinery Project

Follow this millinery tutorial to make a simple flower fascinator for a summer wedding or special occasion!


You will need

Supplies for making a fascinator wedding outfit accessory

1 x felt fascinator base

25cm velvet ribbon

6 x flower petals or 3 flowers

3 x buttons

1 x  hat elastic with prongs

 Sewing needle




Tape measure


You can buy everything you need to make this fascinator project on the Atelier Millinery website.


Sew a fascinator hat project

Start by folding the ribbon at a right angle 7cm from one end, fold the ribbon back on itself. This should leave you with an ‘L’ shape.

Wedding season hat making project 

 Pick up the ribbon and place it on the base. Make sure that one of the ribbon ends covers the join of the binding on the base. Pin the ribbon down and then stitch it in place. Don’t worry about doing neat stitches as this will all be covered by the flowers. The same can be said for the underside of the base, this is attached to your head so no one will see it so you can be as messy as you like - whoopee!


Summer wedding season fascinator to make


 Take your flower petals and do a tacking stitch to hold the two together. This will is make it a lot easier when you are positioning the flowers.


Hair accessory fascinator tutorial


 Now for the fun bit - placing your flowers! You can have them in any combination you like, you are the boss! Once you have got them in a fashion that you are happy with, pin them down and hold the base on your head to see how they look. If you are not happy with them move them around pin and try on again.


Wedding fascinator hair accessory to sew


You then need to attach the flowers. Once again don’t worry too much about your stitching as the button will cover this. Do a tacking stitch in the the centre of each flower.


Project to make a summer wedding fascinator hat


 It’s time for the buttons. We have used a grey thread here but feel free to get creative and if you are feeling brave a bright colour. It will be a nice detail. Make sure you sew through the button several times to make sure its secure.

Hair accessory project for summer occasions and weddings

You should now have something that looks like this.

Sew a wedding fascinator


You need to cut the ribbon tails. Il look more stylish if you cut them at an angle.


Flower fascinator headwear accessory to make


 Right we are nearly done! Next you need to try your fascinator on in the mirror, swivel it around and try it on both sides of your head to see which looks best. You need to place two marker pins on either side of the base, the pins should be pointing towards each ear. This is where you will attach the hat elastic.


Headwear wedding accessory project to sew 


 Turn over your fascinator so you are looking at the underside and attach the elastic close to the edge. Make sure you sew around the metal spike on both sides otherwise it won’t hold properly. Place the fascinator on your head, pull the elastic so that is sits under your hairline at the back of your head. You can rearrange your hair so that the elastic becomes invisible. If you plan to wear your hair up put the fascinator on before you put it up as it will be much easier to hide the elastic.


Fascinator to make for a summer occasion


Atelier Millinery stock millinery supplies as well running a range of hat making courses in London