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Layered Cloth Book Review

Book review - Layered Cloth by Ann Small

This inspiring book forms part of the popular and beautifully photographed series of books under the label of ‘The Textile Artist’, published by Search Press. The series is aimed at the more creative stitcher and budding textile artists. The book is predominantly a technique guide but it does include a number of interesting projects that you can attempt to try out what you have learnt and consolidate the techniques.

Ann Small presents us with the textural and exciting technique of fabric manipulation where she uses layers of fabrics and slashes them back to reveal the hidden layers, giving a rich textured fabric for further embellishment and manipulation.

The book starts with a comprehensive guide to the best tools and fabrics to use for this technique and is well illustrated. She then proceeds to illustrate the basic layering technique and how your combination of fabrics layered up can give interesting results and then moves on to further basic techniques that you can try as samples for your own experimentation. 

textile art - layered cloth
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There are some gorgeous mood boards and sketchbook images to show how Ann uses her ideas and inspiration to form the basis of a piece of work and she then guides you how to turn these ideas into a textile piece.

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She then proceeds onto advanced techniques including trapunto, book stacks and spirals for using the manipulation of fabrics for creating 3D items and even bags and accessories.

Book on fabric manipulation techniques

The book is an excellent resource for a creative stitcher who is looking for something a bit different to take into their stitching and is a great reference on using these innovative techniques.

Layered Cloth by Ann Small is available to buy from Search Press, priced at £17.99.