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Lampshade Kit Review

Review of a lampshade kit

British manufacturers Needcraft have evolved from manufacturing to producing craft kits.  Using the skills they had honed whilst manufacturing to write step by step instructions they guide you in making your own lampshades, waste bins or fabric baskets.

Buy a kit to make a fabric covered lampshade

Their kits come with everything you need to make a lampshade, apart from the fabric.  That way you can add a fabric which matches your decor.  There are several different styles and sizes of lampshade kit so you can choose the one which will fit your light or lamp.  As you can see from the photo above you get step by step written instructions along with a photo for every stage too.

The first stage of the kit is to apply the heatproof backing to your fabric.  If using a printed fabric make sure you position it so that any detail on the fabric that you want on the shade is covered.  I wanted to get most of the blossom on my fabric into the shade. 

There is a pre-cut line in the backing about a centimetre from the edge which you snap back and peel off so you have the fabric to roll over the metal ring. Be careful when peeling it off, mine caught a few loose threads and unravelled several of them leaving tatty edges as shown below. You might want to trim any loose threads first.


How do I use a lampshade making kit?

You then have to wrap the double sided tape around the lampshade rings.  There is plenty of tape in the kit.  You roll the rings along the edge of the fabric either side of the backing until the whole shade is covered.  The tape around the rings makes the fabric stick.   You use a strip of tape to attached one end of the fabric over the other. 

Step by step making a fabric lampshade

Then comes the final stage, tucking the edges of the fabric under the lampshade ring.  There is a special tool provided for that in the kit but I have to admit I found it easier to do it with my fingers.  If you have long enough nails you can use them to tuck the fabric under. 

Once you’ve done that the kit is finished!  No sewing involved, just fabric, the kit and 20 mins of your time.  The kit is simple enough for anyone to use, children could have a go too with a little help.  The rolling of the rings onto the fabric would be a little fiddly for them to do alone.

Needcraft Lampshade Kit