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Make this simple laminated feeding mat for your pet's food and water bowls - wipe clean using Vilene Lamifix. Use up your scraps or choose some fun animal fabric!

Laminated Pet Feeding Mat Patchwork Project

Learn to use Vilene Lamifix


You wil need...

Materials to make a pet feeding mat

Assorted cotton fabrics for the top – we used a fun cat print fabric and two contrasting solids kindly supplied by Minerva Crafts 

Minerva Crafts fabric supplies

Backing fabric – fat quarter (or alternatively make as for the top with your scraps)

1 metre Vilene Lamifix iron-on vinyl covering (18”/45cm wide) – we used the matte finish kindly supplied by Minerva Crafts

Small plate for rounding corners

Rotary cutting equipment

Fabric marking pen (I use a Frixion marker that disappears when ironed)

Double sided sticky tape

Matching thread


Tutorial to make a laminated pet mat


Cut 48 3” squares for the top – I fussy cut the cat fabric to use the cat pictures and cut 24 cat fabric squares and 12 of each of the coloured fabrics but you can use all your scraps for a random effect!

Cut two pieces of Lamifix 21” x 16” – before you cut the edge off, mark which side to iron with a small cross and then cut off the edge markings.  

 Cut one piece of backing fabric 21” x 16”.



Sew the squares into strips of eight squares wide using a ¼” seam allowance  – the strips should measure approx. 20” wide. Alternate the print and plain fabrics and sew the squares together to make six strips in total.


Tutorial for using Lamifix iron-on vinyl

Decide on a layout for your strips and then press your seam allowances in opposite directions to reduce the bulk and enable you to butt up the seams to match the squares.


Learn to sew butted seams

Sew the six strips together and you should have a rectangle measuring 20” x 15” approximately. 


Using Lamifix to waterproof your fabric

Take the Lamifix and following the printed instructions on the product, iron the Lamifix with a medium (two dots) heat onto the right side of the pieced top and the backing fabric. You need to glide the iron across the Lamifix to activate the glue for about 8 seconds but make sure you test it on a piece of scrap fabric first.


Patchwork project to sew a pet feeding mat 

Take a small plate and round off the corners of the rectangle by drawing a light line around the corner. Trim the mat all around.


Beginners patchwork project

With wrong side up, place a few strips of double sided sticky tape in the centre of the backing fabric (away from the edges) and then press the pieced top with wrong side down to hold the two layers together – pins will damage the Lamifix.

Learn to apply Vilene Lamifix to fabric

Select a zigzag stitch – I used a 3mm wide stitch and stitched right on the edge of the fabrics to seal the two layers together.


Cat or dog wipe clean feeding mat to sew

 Your pet now has a super wipe-clean mat for their food and water bowls!


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