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Jam Jar Pincushion Project

Jam jar pincushion project

This jam jar pincushion project is an extract from Modern Pincushions by Debbie Shore. This e-book published by Vivebooks not only has instructions for making 15 quirky pincushions but there are embedded videos showing guiding you through the projects step by step. 

Not just pincushions, these jam jar creations make perfect storage for buttons, threads, ribbons and zips!

How to make a jam jar pincushion
Materials for the Jelly Jar Pincushion

You will need

Preserve jar with a lid that has a removable centre

8in (20cm) circle of fabric, measured across

Toe end of a stocking/popsock

Handful of wadding

Ribbon to decorate

Glue gun

Circle of card that fits inside the lid, to neaten

Jam Jar Pincushion Project Instructions

Stuff the wadding into the stocking toe, and fold the open end over the dome of wadding. This should stay in place without stitching.

Make your own storage jar pincushion
Step 2: attach the wadding dome to the lid insert

Glue the dome of wadding to the lid insert.

How to make a pincushion jar
Step 3: push the dome into the screw part of the lid

Wrap your fabric over the dome and lid insert and fold it underneath. Push this through the screw ring of the lid. Pull the fabric taught if necessary. Snip away any excess fabric using curved scissors.

How to make a pincushion with a jar lid
Step 4: add the card to neaten the lid

Cut the circle of card to about ¼in (6mm) narrower than the inside of the lid, so that you don’t have too much bulk over the rubber seal, which would prevent the lid from fitting properly. Glue the card in place.

Jam jar pincushion tutorial
Three completed Jelly Jar Pincushions

Glue the ribbon around the jar lid, and add a bow for that finishing touch (plus a button in the centre of the bow if that looks good).

Order your copy of Modern Pincushions from the Vivebooks website, available as a download or cd rom. Below you can see the selection of pincushion projects that you will find in the book. 

Modern Pincushions by Debbie Shore

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