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This is part of the Back to Basics Series of tutorials sponsored by Coats Crafts.    

Installing a Zip

Back to Basics put in a zip

These instructions can be used for fitting a zip into a skirt, dress, cushions etc.


Finished edges for installing a zip

Make sure the edges of your fabric are finished (refer to the Back to Basics seam finishes guide here for help).  For this tutorial we sewed a zigzag hem.

Sew your seam leaving a gap equal to the length of your zip. 
Press your seam allowance back where the zip will go.

Preparing to pin a zip

Turn the fabric over (right side up) and lay the zip under the opening to pin in place with the two edges of the fabric meeting exactly so the edges meet perfectly when the zip is closed.

Sew with a zip foot

Put your zip foot onto your machine with the needle to the right and the foot to the left.  Sew the zip in all the way down the left side.  

Completing the stitching on a zip insertion

When you get just beyond the teeth of the zip leave the needle in the fabric and turn the fabric at a right angle so you can sew across the bottom.  Then turn 90 degrees again to stitch up the right hand side of the zip.

Finished zip

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