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How to Tie a Quilt

How to tie a quilt

If you know how to tie a quilt, then you can finish a quilt in a fraction of the time that it might take you using a different method of quilting. Tying a quilt is sometimes regarded as the beginners’ option, but it can add a real design touch to a quilt. 

We show you two different methods of hand tying a quilt. Sewbox sponsored our project to make a baby quilt using Liberty cords. Find the tutorial here

First of all, mark where you want your hand tied areas to be on the quilt top using a marking tool of your choice. We hand tied on the corner of each square for our project. 

2 ways to tie a quilt

Select a large eyed needle with a sharp point such as a chenille needle. Cut a piece of thread about 20 inches long. We used a soft, thick embroidery thread but you can use wool or a perle cotton. Be careful not to use anything too thick because it’s difficult to pull through the layers and it can pull the wadding through.

Beginners quilting - how to tie a quilt

Basic Hand Tying

Push the needle down through all three layers of fabric and then up again about 1/4 inch away. Leave a tail of about two inches of thread. 
Take the needle back to where it first went in and repeat the stitch. This extra step is worth it to secure the knot.

Ways to tie a quilt

Cut the thread about two inches away from the stitch. You should now have two threads both two inches long. Tie these in a double or triple knot for extra security on a baby quilt.

Quilt tying tutorial

You can leave the ends that length or trim them to about an inch. 

Modern techniques for tying a quilt

Double Cross Stitch Quilt Tying Technique

Bring the thread up from the back of the quilt leaving a tail of about two inches. Hold the tail down with your thumb and make a diagonal stitch about 1/4 inch long. Repeat this stitch right next to the first stich.

Take another pair of stitches across the first two to make a double cross stitch.

Double cross stitch quilt tying technique
Alternatives to quilting

Turn the quilt to the reverse and make a loop by passing the thread right over left and then repeat, left over right to secure a double knot on the back of the quilt. Tie a third knot for extra security.

Trim the threads close to the quilt back, now you know how to tie a quilt.

If you want to learn bout other ways to join the 3 layers of your quilt read this post.