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How to sew a curved hem

Learn how to sew a curved hem

This guide to sewing a curved hem has been provided by Fabric Godmother an online store for dressmaking fabrics and patterns.  

Sewing your own peplum top is easy but does involve a curved hem. Follow this simple guide for a smooth finish to your peplum when using a soft drapey fabric such as crepe or even weave.

This peplum top was made using Vogue Pattern 8815 & Hermione fabric. Find more fabric options on the Fabric Godmother site. 

How to make a peplum top

1) Make sure that the edge of the fabric is neat and that all seams match up.  Trim if needed. 

How to sew a hem

2) Fold a small hem allowance and press into place. 

Pinning a curved hem into place

3) Pin the hem into place. Because it is curved it will want to unfold but don’t worry about that for now.

Sewing tips and tricks - curved hems

4) Stitch close to the pressed edge. 

Trimming a curved hem

 5) Trim off as much of the excess fabric as you can, trimming close to the line of stitching. 

Curved hems made easy

6) Change your stitch to a long stitch size and stitching another row of stitching just outside your first row.

Sewing a curved hem

7)  Fold the hem over again, press and sew. As you go along, using a pin, every few centimetres pull one of the longer stitches you have sewn in the previous step. This will pull the curved edge in giving a nice smooth finish without curling.

The finished hem will look something like the picture above with a loop where you have pulled the thread every few stitches.

For more sewing tips from Josie Hawes of Fabric Godmother click here to follow them on Twitter or on Facebook.

Peplum top with curved hem

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