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How to Mitre Quilt Corners

Mitred corners tutorial

Learning how to mitre corners on a quilt gives your finished quilt binding a professional look and is very easy to achieve. This is a very quick and easy tutorial to show you how.

We have a more detailed tutorial on making quilt bindings here. My double-fold binding was made 2.5 inches wide and pressed in half along the length to attach to the raw edge of the quilted quilt. 

How to sew the corner of a quilt

Make sure your quilt corners are square and the edges are straight. 

how to sew bias binding

Line up the binding raw edge to the quilt edge and stitch your binding with a 1/4″ seam. Stop 1/4″ before you reach the corner. Lock your stitch or reverse to secure.

how to sew mitred corners on a quilt

Flip the remaining binding up to form a 45 degree triangle and finger press in place. 

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Easy mitred corners for quilt binding

Bring the remaining binding down to meet the quilt edge. You can see the mitred fold in the picture above which should lie flat. 

How to bind a quilt with mitred corners

Pin the corner flat and then start stitching from the top of the quilt with a 1/4″ seam as before. 

How to sew perfect mitred corners on a quilt

 Stitch on the binding and mitre each corner in the same way then join the ends of the binding as described in this tutorial on quilt binding. 

how to sew the perfect corners on quilts

When you come to stitch your binding neatly onto the reverse, fold the binding to the reverse side and fold the corner to form a neat triangle as in the picture above (reverse side). The fabric will naturally want to form the mitre that you folded on the front..

How to sew a neat mitred corner

This is the front of the quilt which shows the neatly mitred corner.