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Choosing a Sewing Machine

Choosing a sewing machine

Deciding what sewing machine to buy is a hugely important decision.  It is a big investment as you are usually looking at a minimum of £100, up to thousands of pounds so you want to make sure you get the right machine for you.   You want one which you won't grow out of too quickly, but equally that you can easily use now.  You want to find a model where the accessories and supplies are easily available and which you can easily get serviced when you need to.

Choosing a sewing machine is also quite a personal descision, the model your friend cannot stop raving about may not be the best model for you.  When you first start looking at buying a sewing machine the choice can be overwhealming.  Stitch speed, presser feet, stitch library, mechanical, computerised there are just so many options it is hard to know what is right for you.

Luckily the lovely folks at Janome have taken the difficulty out of buying by producing a brilliant guide which not only discusses the different types of sewing machine and what factors you need to consider when buying but also explains what all the different features do so you can decide which are important to you. Filled with useful explanatory diagrams like the one below the Janome sewing machine buyers guide is a great place to start when looking for a new machine.


 The Janome guide to sewing machine features

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