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This project is an excerpt from the book Abbygale Sews - 20 Simple Sewing Projects by Emma Curtis and Elizabeth Purnell, published by Search Press.   You can buy the book here, and read our review here.

Abbygale Sews 20 simple sewing projects book review
Handy Pouch Project

This pouch is so easy to make and has endless uses: I use mine to keep all my cosmetics in, my eldest son uses his for storing his pens and pencils, my middle son stashes a handheld games console in his and my daughter has one too, in which she keeps a pair of princess shoes! I love the design – it reminds me of opening an envelope and it uses only small amounts of fabric (you can make four from 1 metre, or 1 yard, of fabric). Start making these handy pouches in the run-up to Christmas to give as gifts, or use as an extra-special gift bag with another present inside. It can be made to match other home-made bags, or try using PVC fabric to make it waterproof.

A truly versatile little bag!

Handy fabric pouch project from the Abbygale sews book


35 x 44cm (13¾ x 17¼in) of outer fabric

35 x 50cm (13¾in x 19¾in) of lining fabric

1  button

45cm (17¾in) of ribbon


Step 1

Cut both the outer and lining fabrics in half. Both outer pieces should be 3cm (1¼in) shorter than the lining. Sew on a button about 9cm (3½in) from the bottom of one outer piece.

How to sew a cute fabric pouch


Step 2

Place the two pieces of outer fabric right sides together. Cut a 30cm (11¾in) length of the ribbon and fold it in half to make a loop. Sandwich this between the two pieces of outer fabric (as shown) before pinning and sewing down both sides and along the bottom, leaving the top, long edge open.

Fabric gift bag project


Step 3

Place the two pieces of lining fabric right sides together. Sew down both sides and along the bottom, leaving a 10cm (4in) gap in the centre for turning through later. Make sure that the seams match exactly on the outer and the lining fabric or the bag will not fit together properly.

Sew a fabric gadget case


Step 4

Tuck the outer fabric inside the lining so that the right sides are facing each other and the seams are aligned. Make sure that the top edges of both the lining and the outer fabric are flush with each other. Fold the remaining 15cm (6in) ribbon in half and tuck the looped end in between the two fabrics on the opposite side to the button. Leave about 1cm (½in) of ribbon poking out of the top, then carefully pin and sew the lining and the outer fabric together around the top edge as shown.

Simple sewing project for beginners from Abbygale Sews Book Easy sewing projects for people learning to sew

Step 5

Reach through the gap in the lining and pull the bag through so that it is the right way out. Tuck the lining inside the bag. Now tug the lining up to create a lip of fabric at the top of the bag, about 2.5cm (1in) deep. Iron this nice and flat and then sew around the top about 7mm (¼in) from the edge. The lining should now fit the insides and reach the bottom of the bag nicely.

How to sew a make up bag

Step 6

Fold over the top of the bag like an envelope so that the ribbon loop meets the button and iron this in place. Sew up the hole in the lining.

Sew a pretty pouch

Step 7

Fill the pouch with goodies!

To find out more about the Abbygale Sews book visit the Search Press site here