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Hairbrush Travel Case

Hairbrush travel case project

Are your forever losing all those hairbrushes and hair grips in your suitcase? This hairbrush travel case is a neat solution to keep all your hair styling gear in one place and includes a padded pocket for your hair straighteners/tongs, several slots for your hairbrushes and rollers, a strip to pin your hair grips and a see-through pocket for all those little scrunchies and hair elastics that so easily get mislaid! Adapt your pocket sizes to your own requirements and away you go!


 You will need…



2 fat quarters for interior base and exterior. We used ‘Gossamer’ by Art Gallery Fabrics kindly supplied by Hantex.

55cm medium weight iron-on Vilene

90cm fabric for main pocket

50cm fusible wadding

50cm fabric for slotted pocket

A6 plastic wallet (Wilko) for plastic pocket or similar – firm plastic

Scrap of fabric for plastic pocket binding

Scrap of Velcro

2 buttons

2 small hair elastics

2m pretty tape for straps and internal strip

Erasable marker pen




Measure your hair tongs or straighteners. Ours measured 27cm long and this case was made with those dimensions. You may need to adjust your exterior and interior base pieces and the pocket dimensions if yours are longer.

W/S – wrong side

R/S – right side

Finished size – approximately 54cm x 37cm

Hair straightener/tongs pocket – approximately 31cm x 13cm


Cut Fabrics

Main Case
56cm x 40cm exterior piece
56cm x 40cm interior base piece
55cm x 39cm medium weight iron-on Vilene

Main Pocket
60cm x 16cm main pocket piece
29cm x 15cm fusible wadding for main pocket piece
26cm x 15cm main pocket flap piece
13cm x 12cm fusible wadding for flap piece

Slotted Pocket
42cm x 30cm slotted pocket piece

Plastic Pocket
14cm x 14cm plastic
15cm x 8cm fabric piece for plastic pocket binding


Sew a holdall for hair products

Main pocket – fuse the wadding to the w/s of one half of the pocket piece and press in place using a piece of baking parchment to protect your iron. Turn the side edges in by 1cm and press. Fold the pocket in half, keeping the folded edge as the top of the pocket – it should now measure 30cm x 14cm.

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Main pocket flap – fuse the wadding to one half of the flap piece as for the pocket piece. Fold the flap in half, R/S facing and mark the central line, then mark in 5cm from each edge. Pin a hair elastic at both marked points and trap them between the two right sides of the flap and pin. Stitch a 0.6cm seam around the sides and bottom of the flap, leaving the top edge open. Clip corners and turn the flap through to the R/S. Press in the top edge by 0.6cm. Topstitch the side and bottom edges only.


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Take the main pocket piece and measure down 10cm from the top and 4cm in from the sides and attach the two buttons, sewing through the top layer only so the thread is trapped. This pocket is now ready to attach.

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Slotted pocket – fold the fabric in half W/S together so it measures 21cm x 30cm. The folded edge is the top. Fold in the right hand edge by 1cm and press. Mark along the folded edge by 8cm, then 6cm, then 9cm, or however wide you want your slots to be – measure your own brushes! Draw lines down using an erasable pen.

Sewing machine projects

Place your main interior base piece R/S up and start to place the pockets. Place the main pocket a few cm in from the left side edge of the interior fabric and with the lower raw edges matching. Take the slotted pocket piece and tuck the left hand edge under the main pocket with the raw edge at the bottom of the interior base piece. 

Cut a piece of tape measuring 40cm and tuck one end under the main pocket near the top. Stitch down the sides of the main pocket with a 0.6cm seam, trapping the tape and the left side of the slotted pocket. Stitch down the marked lines of the slotted pocket, securing at the top edge. Don’t stitch the right hand edge yet. Stitch the tape down at similar intervals to the slotted pocket or as desired.

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Place the main pocket flap into position by matching up the hair elastic and the buttons, pin and then stitch along the top edge of the flap.


Sew a plastic pocket

Plastic pocket – take the binding strip and fold in half, open out and the fold back into the middle and press. Cut a 4cm piece of Velcro and attach the ‘teeth’ side in the centre of one side of the binding strip. Stitch the binding with the Velcro on the back to one edge of the plastic.


Sew useful accessories

Tuck the left hand plastic piece under the slotted pocket right hand edge with the bottom of the plastic meeting the interior base raw edge. Topstitch the slotted pocket edge to finish. Match the opposite Velcro piece and stitch in place.

Sew travel accessories

Attach the Vilene to the W/S of the exterior fabric piece.  Place the interior and exterior pieces R/S together and trim the edges straight to match. Cut two 75cm lengths of tape and place them together at the left hand edge, trapping them between the right sides.  Trap the right hand edge of the interior tape piece too.

Pin and stitch around the side and bottom edge and leave a 20cm gap in the top edge for turning through. Clip corners carefully and turn to the right side, taking care with the plastic pocket. Press the hairbrush carrier but not near the plastic pocket. Press under the gap in the top edge, pin and then topstitch around the whole piece to finish.

Sew a hairbrush travel case

This hairbrush travel case project was designed and made by Julie Briggs of The Sewing Directory.

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