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Guide to Cutting Tools 

Cutting tools - a guide

There are a number of useful tools that you can use to make cutting fabrics easier and safer when dressmaking, quilting or for general sewing. Fiskars have an excellent range of products that we cover in this article. 

Fiskars Classic General Purpose Scissors 

General purpose scissors

These iconic all-rounders were the world's first plastic-handled scissors, delivering an amazing leap in cutting performance. Sharp, high quality and great for all types of fabric - RRP £16.49


Amplify Dressmaking Scissors 

Amplify dressmaking scissors

Amplify scissors cut through thick fabric and materials with ease, where other scissors struggle to cope. With a super sharp RazorEdge blade they offer a higher cutting performance than any other Fiskars scissors. Amplify technology senses blade separation when cutting thick materials and forces the blades back together for crisp, clean cuts every time - RRP £28.99


Quick Clip 

Classic Fiskars scissors

For intricate and delicate cutting - spring loaded clip and micro-tip. Ideal for unpicking stitches, trimming seam allowances and loose threads. Cuts threads close to the fabric without the risk of catching - RRP £11.49

  • Ergonomic patented handle for extra comfort and control.
  • High quality stainless steel blade.
  • Long-lasting cutting performance.
  • Right and left-handed.

Seam Ripper

Classic seam ripper

Designed for clean, crisp cuts when cutting details in fabric, these premium fabric shears feature ultra-sharp blades,a unique handle shape for more accurate tabletop cutting and a built-in seam ripper.

Our unique handle design helps keep fabric flat on the table while you cut for mistake-free cutting precision, a simple slide lever converts the shears to a seam ripper for added functionality, and an advanced pivot design provides ultra-smooth cutting action - RRP £15.99


Rotary Cutters 

Fiskars rotary cuttters

When choosing a rotary cutter, consider what you’re cutting. A 60mm blade is great for thick fabric, while a slender 28mm blade makes intricate patterns easy. For unbeatable daily versatility, a 45mm blade is best.

Fiskars have something for everyone and even a pivoting rotary cutter. The handle adjusts to three distinct positions to increase comfort, improve sightlines and make cutting thick materials easier. Ideal for large projects and prolonged cutting, the handle locks into place for straight, clean cuts without wobbling or curving - RRP from £10.49


Chenille Cutter 

Tool for cutting chenille

Take the struggle out of cutting chenille with a tool that easily glides through multiple layers of fabric. Create your own plush and cozy fabric with a Chenille Maker featuring a unique pulling-motion design that requires 30% less force than push-motion tools. Designed to cut up to seven layers of fabric, simply pull the tool along the table and down each channel for smooth, centered edges from start to finish. A fixed, stainless-steel blade can be rotated 24 times for lasting sharpness. Plus, a comfortable Softgrip-enhanced design allows you to find the hand position that feels right - RRP £24.99


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