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Girl’s Tiered Skirt Project

How to sew a tiered skirt for a girl

This project has been designed by Little Miss Fancy Frocks – the dynamic mother-daughter duo who lovingly create handcrafted clothing for adults and children. Visit their Facebook page here.

Minerva Crafts have kindly provided the materials for this project. 

Make this pretty tiered skirt in cool cotton for a little girl this summer. It has an elasticated waist, a gathered frill and is edged with ribbon and lace An ideal project for the beginner to dressmaking.  

Size Chart 


Small 3–5 years 

Medium 6–7 years 

Large 8–10 years 


54 – 56cm 

58 – 62cm 

64 – 68cm 





How to make a skirt for a young girl

You will need…


Small skirt 

Medium skirt 

Large skirt 


112cm wide 













2.5cm x 60cm 

2.5cm x 66cm 

2.5cm x 72cm 

Sewing thread

 Sewing machine


Bodkin (or a large safety pin to thread the elastic through the waist casing) 

How to sew a tiered skirt for girls


The skirt consists of a top tier and a bottom tier. The sizes for each tier are given below.  


Small skirt 

Medium skirt 

Large skirt 

Top tier 

Width 80cm 

Length 26cm 

Width 90cm 

Length 28.5cm 

Width 100cm 

Length 31cm 

Bottom tier  

Width 160cm 

Length 23cm 

Width 180cm  

Length 25.5cm 

Width 200cm

Length 28cm 

*The fabric width will determine a join in the bottom tier 

*Seam allowances are 1.5cm throughout

How to sew a skirt

Cut out the tiers. Stitch the side seams on each tier and neaten appropriately. 

How to hem a skirt

Fold over the top edge of the top tier by 1.5cm and press in place. Fold over the top edge again by 3cm and press in place. This will form the casing for the elastic. Pin and tack the casing in place. 

Girl's skirt with elasticated waistband

Edge stitch the top and bottom edges of the casing. The edge stitching at the top of the casing will ensure a neater finish to the casing. Leave a gap of approximately 5cm on the bottom edge to thread the elastic through. 

How to sew a tiered skirt - free pattern!

Thread the elastic through the casing, overlap the two ends and pin in place. Hand or machine stitch the elastic overlapDon’t forget to machine stitch the 5cm gap left for the facing. 

Adding decorative trim to a girl's skirt

Neaten the bottom edge of the tier appropriately. Tack the lace in position. Tack the ribbon on top of the lace concealing the raw edge of the lace. 

Adding ribbon and lace trim to a skirt

Edge stitch both sides of the ribbon to give a neat finish. Turn under the ends of the lace and ribbon concealing the raw edges. 


Joining the tiers 

TIP: To ensure the bottom tier is gathered evenly onto the top tier you may find it easier to mark each tier into quarters with an eraseable pen.  

How to gather fabric for a skirt

Gather the top edge of the bottom tier by machine or hand. 

Tiered ruffle skirt pattern free

Match each quarter of the bottom tier to each quarter of the top tier and pull the gathering thread to ensure the bottom tier fits the top tier. Pin, tack and machine stitch in place and neaten appropriately. 

Free tiered ruffle skirt pattern for girls