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Garden Kneeler Project

Garden kneeler project

This garden kneeler project has been written by Jenny Harkness from Winney & Rose.  She teaches sewing workshops for home interiors and sells a selection of handmade items for the home or gifts.                                                       

Here are some simple instructions on how to make one of my Winney and Rose garden kneelers. They look lovely hung in a porch and are equally as practical and comfy to use. I have had comments from customers saying they have also used them in the house when cleaning out cupboards. They also make a lovely gift.


Oilcloth   ½ metre – for a selection of oilcloth fabrics visit Viva la Frida

Fabric   ½ metre

Piece of foam or hollow fibre filling

Dressmaking paper or baking paper

Sewing machine

Thread, scissors, tape measure

Cut your oilcloth and fabric each to size 29cm wide x 50cm long. Cut another piece of oilcloth for the handle size 12cm x 30cm

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Oilcloth sewing project

Place fabric and oilcloth right sides together and pin corners and several points on long sides and one end. Place under machine oilcloth side down. Sew around 3 sides and 2cm round corners into open end. This leaves a good sized gap for turning through.

Sewing with oilcloth

Cut a wedge from all 4 corners, making sure you do not cut the stitches.

Sewing ideas for the garden

Turn through to right side and poke out corners with a knitting needle

For the handle, finger press a 1cm hem on both long edges. This won’t stay down but will be a good help when sewing.

How to make a garden kneeler

Fold in half long ways and wrong sides together. Place the paper on the underside and machine close to the edge.

Sewing patterns for the garden

Fill kneeler with the wadding or foam. Fold in the fabric edge by 1 ½ cm and pin the handle in place. Making sure the ends are 2cm into the kneeler. Fold in the oilcloth by 1 ½ cm and pin top edges together.

Free sewing projects using oilcloth

Place under sewing machine fabric side down and carefully sew along edge ¼ cm in.

How to make a garden kneeler

Then you have a lovely garden kneeler. Ready to use or to just look pretty hanging in your porch. Please do share pictures of any you make on the Winney & Rose Facebook page or e-mail them to me.

Why not sew some nice cushions for your garden chairs next? Or make pretty garden bunting. 

Garden kneeler pad sewing pattern free