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Felt Floral Brooch Tutorial

What better way to add a pop of colour to your outfit than a cute floral brooch. This felt brooch tutorial has kindly been provided by Jo Pickering.

Felt flower brooch tutorial


To make the brooch you’ll need:

  • 2-3 different coloured pieces of felt
  • matching or contrasting coloured net
  • a few buttons of different sizes which go with your felt
  • emboridery thread which goes with the felt, can be a contrasting colour, depends on your style
  • some beads to decorate (optional)
  • a brooch back or safety pin
  • needle
You will find most of these supplies at Minerva Crafts website.


  1. Decide on the colour theme or combinations you’re following
  2. Cut out 2-3 flowers, small, medium and large
  3. Cut out circles of net to fit between the felt flowers. The more circles you cut out the more three-dimensional the finished flower will be
  4. Select a button and/or beads to go with your design
  5. Using your contrasting embroidery thread assemble the flowers, felt, net, felt, net, felt, securing with a few stitches
  6. Take the main button for your centre and attach, sewing all the way through the felt and net.
  7. If desired sew on a second button or bead.
  8. Now you can freestyle, decorate and embroider your flower to your heart’s content!
  9. Cut a small square or circle of felt and stitch it on to the back of the flower to hide your stitches. Sew around the edge – blanket stitch looks particularly effective.
  10. Now sew on your safety pin or brooch back.

Voila you have a beautiful brooch!

Felt flower brooch tutorial floral brooch sewing project


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