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Sewing projects sponsored by HabicoThis project is sponsored by Habico haberdashery wholesalers.   It is written by Laura Strutt, the author of The Sewing Manual, Haynes, £21.99 and who blogs at

Felt Christmas Stocking Project

Felt Christmas stocking sewing tutorial

With felt and a few fancy trimmings – like these Christmas themed haberdashery items from Habico – you can make fun festive decorations in an afternoon.  These mini felt stockings are great for stowing small gift and are ideal for putting in this years Secret Santa presents. If you’re making these for children, be sure to sew on all the embellishments securely so avoid any accidents.

Christmas sewing supplies from Habico

Step 1: Collect your supplies

Two A4 Sheets of red felt
Small piece of white felt
Two jungle bells, red and white
20cm White jumbo ric rac
Four white buttons
Four red sequins
Red metallic thread
White embroidery thread
Air erasable marker
Sewing cotton and needle
Embroidery needle

Step 2:
Cut the stocking

Felt stocking tutorial with ricrac

Place the two sheets of felt together and pin the stocking template into the centre. Using the scissors carefully cut around the template to create two stocking shapes from the red felt.

Felt is a great material to work with for quick makes, when cut with sharp dressmaking scissors, it will have a neat crisp edge that will not fray.


Step 3:
Add the upper trim

Handstitching ricrac to the Christmas stocking

Cut the jumbo ric rac into two lengths 2cm wider than the top of the stocking. Working on one stocking piece at a time, pin the ric rac to the upper section, and fold 1cm under at each side. Secure in place with small neat running stitches. Repeat to add the trim to the other stocking piece, ensuring that the trimming will be outermost when the two pieces placed together.


Step 4: Stich the motif panel

Christmas Craft Projects

Write Noel – or recipients name if you want to personalise the stocking – onto the centre of the small white section of felt. Using the red metallic thread work over the letters using neat back stitch and fasten off.


When working with metallic threads, always pick an embroidery needle with a slightly larger eye than the threads, this will ensure all the individual strands of the threads can be drawn through the needle eye and not separate.

Step 5:
Affix the motif

Festive stockng made from felt

Position the embroidered motif panel on to the center front of the stocking, 4cm down from the ric rac panel, and pin in place. With a length of red metallic thread work around the motif to secure into position onto the front of one of the stocking parts.

Step 6
Add button accents

Hand stitched Christmas stocking

Place a button over the corner of the embroidered motif and stitch in place, position a sequin over the button and secure to the top of the button with a couple of stitches before fastening off the thread. Repeat to add a button and sequin over each of the four corners.

Step 7
Join the two stocking piece together

Blanket stitching around the edge of the stocking


Position the two stocking pieces together with the right sides outermost and pin in place. With the white embroidery thread and needle, work around the outer edge of the stockings with blanket stitch to secure the two pieces neatly together. To finish, work around the two upper edges of the stocking opening with blanket stitch and secure the thread neatly to the inside.


Festive sewing projects with felt

Laura Strutt is the author of The Sewing Manual, Haynes, £21.99 and can also be found blogging at