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Sewing Machine Feet for Accurate Sewing

Sewing machine feet to help you sew accurately

Precision is key in most sewing projects, especially patchwork.  However it's not always easy to keep your stitching as straight.  I’ve picked out a few of my favourite sewing machine feet which will help you achieve accurate stitching.  My machine is a Janome (TXL607) so those pictured are Janome feet but most sewing machine manufacturers will have similar feet available. 

How to use your quarter inch foot

Quarter Inch Foot

This is my most used sewing machine foot, it ensures you a have an accurate ¼ inch seam which is ideal for patchwork but also for most other kinds of sewing too.  It doesn’t require any special instructions, just clip it on and align the edge to the edge of your fabric then sew.  Gives you a perfectly accurate ¼ seam every single time.  I frequently use my quarter inch foot for topstitching too. I highly recommend buying one of these feet, it will get a lot of use!

There’s a more detailed guide to the quarter inch foot here you can also find a video tutorial from Janome.


Using a walking foot on a sewing machine

Walking foot

When you are sewing multiple layers of fabric or slippery fabrics it is hard to keep your stitching accurate.  Sometimes the layers come apart or the fabric moves around under your needle.  The walking foot helps your fabrics feed through evenly.   There’s also a handy guide bar you can adjust on the side of the foot to help you keep quilting lines equally spaced to.

Find out more about using your walking foot in our guide plus there's also a couple of videos on Janome's website.


Janome rolled hem feet

Hemmer foot

This handy twin set from Janome gives you two feet which turn your fabric edge up and feeds it under the needle so you can stitch a rolled hem.  It does require you feeding the fabric through straight to keep an even hem but it’s much quicker and easier than pressing the hem and then trying to stitch a straight line. 

The feet offer different sizes of hem, 4mm and 6 mm. The trickiest bit is starting off.  To start it off fold a roll of fabric the width of the foot you are using then guide the fabric into curl part of the foot.  Sew with a straight stitch feeding the fabric in steadily to keep the hem even. 

There’s a useful video on using the hem feet plus Colette have a good tutorial on their site. 


How to use a border guide foot

Border guide foot

As you can see this foot has red lines on either side that you can use as a guide to ensure rows of decorative stitching are equally spaced. You put the first row of stitching between the two red lines to one side of the foot and then stitch, making sure the first row stays between the red lines as you sew.

You could also use it to keep your top stitching an even distance from the edge. Line the edge up with one of the red lines or the edge of the foot to keep your top stitching straight.

There’s a video here to demonstrate how to use the foot


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