How much does a listing cost?1

We offer 2 types of listing, a standard listings which appear in random order cost £25 a quarter or £85 a year.

Sponsored listings (of which there can be 3 per category/region) also appear in random order but are guaranteed to be in 1 of the top 3 slots.  These listings cost £50 a quarter or £175 a year.

Payment can be made through Paypal, using a debit or credit card, cheque or BACS.

What if I need to change my listing?2

Upon registering you will be asked for a username and password which will allow you to access your listing at anytime and make changes.  If you lose your login details please contact me to issue you with new ones. 

If you do not have access to a computer or cannot update your listing for any other reason please contact me by e-mail, by phone or by post and we will do it for you.

Please bear in mind when you update your listing it will temporarily go offline for us to check before being put live again.  However, upon going live again it will appear on the front page for extra publicity.

What payment methods do you accept?3

You can pay online with either a debit or credit card or a PayPal account.  We also accept ‘offline' payments of cash (given in person not sent by post), cheques or BACS.

How do I cancel my listing?4

You can cancel your listing by logging into Paypal and cancelling your recurring payment.  I get notified of this so I know to remove your listing from the site.

Or you can send me an e-mail letting me know you wish to cancel and I will cancel the recurring payment for you and remove your listing. 

Please notify me at least 2 days before your next payment is due to go out.

Does my business have to be solely sewing related?5

No, as long as you provide a sewing related service or product you are eligible to register on the site.  Any non-sewing related businesses who attempt to register will not be listed and their money will be refunded minus a £20 admin charge.

Is there a word limit on the description of the business?6

No you can put as much information as you like and we would encourage you to include as many keywords as you can so that your listing will appear in more search results. 

However, do bear in mind that some people don't like to scroll and will only read the first paragraph or two so make sure the most important information is in there and don't make it too long or people may lose interest.

Can I list more than one shop?7

We offer discounted rates if you want to register more than one shop.  Please contact us before registering and I will confirm the price and I will tell you how to proceed.

Do sewing groups list for free, and if so why?8

Yes, sewing groups do list for free.  When registering a sewing group please select the bespoke payment option at the checkout.  I list sewing groups for free as they are generally not run for profit unlike the businesses advertising on the site.

I want to support the sewing community by alowing people to help others find their local sewing group.

How else can I work withThe Sewing Directory? 9

I always welcome new contributors to The Sewing Directory, the projects and technique guides get a lot of traffic so it's a good way to get your name in front of a lot of sewing lovers. 

I am also happy to work with people to run giveaways through the site site and have advertising opportunities available.  Use the contact page to get in touch to find out more or request my press pack.

Is there a tie in once I have registered with The Sewing Directory?10

No, we offer a convenient quarterly pay as you go system which you may cancel at anytime.  This allows you to test the site for a short period to make sure it is right for you.

To cancel either contact your card provider, cancel the payment through your PayPal account or contact us (allowing us 3 working days to cancel the payment).

Do I need to register to use The Sewing Directory?11

You do not need to register to view any of the content on the site. 

The registration and login facilities are for people wanting to list their business on the site.  By registering advertisers can log in and update their listings at any time.