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This project is from Torie Jayne's beautiful new book, Stylish Home Sewing.  The book has over 35 gorgeous  projects to sew for your home featuring Torie's stylish pastel colour palette.

Storage Cube

Torie Jayne's Stylish Home Sewing 

Storage cubes have a multitude of uses—in the laundry room to store clean cloths, in the kitchen to hold cloth napkins, or in the hallway to contain gloves, scarves, or mail. Use different prints on each side, mix and match the binding colors, or pretty them up with crochet trims. Make the cubes in various sizes simply by adjusting the size of the squares.

Fabric storage containers

Torie Jayne's Stylish Home Sewing

You will need

Five 7in (18cm) squares each of printed fabric and heavyweight fusible interfacing, per cube

Five 6¾ in (17.5cm) squares of fabric for lining, per cube

Matching sewing thread

One 25½ in (69cm) length of ¾ in- (20mm-) wide crochet or eyelet (broderie anglaise) trim (optional), per cube

One 25½ in (69cm) length of ½ in- (15mm-) wide bias tape (bias binding), per cube


How to make a storage cube from fabric

Following the manufacturer’s instructions, iron interfacing to the wrong side of each of the five print-fabric squares. Lay out four of the squares on your work surface, right side up, with the prints facing the same direction. Pin two adjacent squares together at the side edges, with right sides together and raw edges even; stitch a 3/8in (1cm) seam, starting at the top edge and finishing 3/8in (1cm) from the bottom edge. Repeat to join the other side edges, forming the sides of your cube. Press the seams open.


How to sew a fabric cube


Pin the remaining print-fabric square to the bottom edges of the other four, with right sides together, raw edges even, and corners matching. Stitch a 3/8in (1cm) seam around all four edges, pivoting the fabric at the corners. (The unstitched portions at the ends of the side seams will open up to allow you to do this.) Press the seam open.

Storage box made from fabric


Repeat steps 1 and 2 for the lining, omitting the interfacing. With the print-fabric cube right side out and the lining cube wrong side out, place the lining inside the print-fabric cube, so they are wrong sides together. Check that the seams are lined up, then pin in place. Machine baste the lining and print fabric together around all four sides, ¼ in (5mm) from the top edge.

Crochet trimmed fabric storage boxes tutorial

If desired, pin crochet or eyelet (broderie anglaise) trim around the outside, with the top edge of the trim slightly less than 3/8in (1cm) from the top edge of the cube, turning under the ends by ¼ in (5mm) each and butting them together; machine baste in place. Use the bias tape (bias binding) to bind the top edges of the cube, covering the raw edge of the trim if used.

Crochet trim bias binding

Photos © SUSSIE BELL, Illustrations © KATE SIMUNEK