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Self Covered Buttons Tutorial

Covering buttons with fabric

This tutorial is written by Linda from Sewing Bee Fabrics who sells fabric, haberdashery and sewing accessories. Find more great tutorials on her site.

Do you struggle to find the perfect buttons to match the project you are making?  The solution is to make your own self covered buttons either using the fabric you are using for the rest of your project or something that compliments it.

You can buy a  button making tool, and varying sizes of button blanks.

The first step is tracing the right sized pattern for the size of button you want to cover, I use greaseproof paper for this.

Making matching buttons for clothing

I then place my button into the centre of the circle and draw around it so I know which part of the fabric pattern will show on the button. Pin your circle onto your fabric and cut around it, making sure the chosen part of the print is in the centre circle.

Covering buttons with fabric

Put your circle of fabric over the button top and place it top down into the button maker as per the image below.  Push the edges of the fabric inwards to the centre of the button and place the button back on top lining up the hole with the loop from the button top.

How to make self-covered buttons

Put the top of the button tool over your button. If you hold it in place you can flip it over and check you are happy with the positioning of the fabric before joining the 2 parts of the button.

Tools for sewing

It takes quite a lot of force to push the 2 sides of the button making tool together, I tend to put it on the floor and use my foot to push it together until it clicks.  That sound means the button front and back have clicked together sealing the fabric edges inside.

Then open it up,remove the button and your bespoke button is ready!  Time to start on the next one.

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Covering buttons with fabric