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Fabric Christmas Tree Decoration

How to sew a fabric Christmas tree

This fabric Christmas tree sewing project is written by Helen Rhiannon and sponsored by Hantex.

What better way to decorate your Christmas table, than with one of these easy to make, six sided, padded Christmas  fabric tree!  There are some fantastic Christmas cotton prints around so plenty of reasons to get in the festive mood.

What you need

Fabric –  2-3 Fat Quarters. I used four different fabrics.

I used Christmas fabrics kindly provided by Hantex

Fabric Scissors


Matching thread

Sewing Machine – Straight stitch length 2.5

Hollow fibre stuffing

Christmas Tree Template

 If you’d like to print the step by step instructions which are below click here: Fabric Christmas Tree Project

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Fabric Christmas tree pattern

Stage 1 – Making your pattern. 

I drew my fabric Christmas tree template by hand.  I have taken a picture of my pattern with measurements if you need some help with the size.  The height is approximately 23cm when finished and 28cm in width.  Only draw half of the tree, then fold the paper in half, pin together and cut around the line.  You can download the pattern I drew: Christmas Tree Template

Christmas fabrics
Easy Christmas sewing projects for beginners

Cut out 6 fabric Christmas trees in a selection of fabrics.  With the right sides together, pin your three sections together marking a gap of 10cm on the base to allow for stuffing.

Stage 2 – Cutting out your fabric Christmas tree. 

How to make a Christmas tree from fabric
How to notch curves

Stage 3 –  Sewing your Christmas tree shapes.  

Sew around the outside with a 1cm seam allowance.  Make sure to pivot at the points to create a neat finish.  (Tip – Use tailors chalk to mark stitching line at points.)

Cut away excess fabric from points and make sure to cut into the inverted ‘V’ within 2mm of the stitching.  This allows the tree to turn inside out and sit neatly.

Christmas table decorations
Simple sewing projects for Christmas

Stage 4 – Sewing your tree together.  

Turn each tree the right way round and carefully poke the points through with small scissors. Iron the trees so that they are all flat and neat.  Also turn under the seam allowances of the gap in the base and iron in place.  


Lay each tree on top of each other matching the tip of the tree and centre of the base.  Pin in place. Using tailors chalk, draw a line up the centre of the tree.  Stitch on this line, sewing all three layers together.

How to make a stuffed fabric Christmas tree

Stage 5  –  Filling your tree with stuffing! 

You should now have 6 sides to your tree with a small gap at the base of each.  Stuff each side of the tree and use the end of a long paintbrush or knitting needle to push the stuffing into the points.  Stitch your gaps up at the base and turn upright! 

Well done on making your first fabric Christmas tree!  Why not add beads or even a star to decorate your tree? 

Please let me know how you get on making your tree and if you have any questions, then please just get in touch! Why not try making my Christmas star decoration next? 

Do share pictures on my facebook fanpage as I love to see what everyone makes.

Merry Christmas from Helen @AllSewnUp     

Sew a table top fabric Christmas tree