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Fabazine Review

Fabazine review

Fabazines are a new innovation from Craft Yourself Silly, they combine a magazine full of project and techniques with a craft kit. You not only get a magazine with 12 projects in it but also a large pre-printed fabric panel with all the fabric you need to make those projects. Plus they include extra supplies you need like embroidery thread, elastic, templates, bias binding etc. They do expect you to supply basic things that most stitchers already have in their stash like wadding, interfacing, toy stuffing, thread.

I opted for issue 4 because I loved the look of the little mice pattern weights and the fabric bowl, plus I’ve always wanted to learn how to do stained glass applique. On their website you can see full details of which projects are included in each kit, as well as images of the finished makes. Above is a picture of the projects in issue 4.

What do you get in a Fabazine?

It comes in letterbox friendly packaging so you don’t have to be in to receive it. The above photo shows the contents of my box after removing the fabric panel. The fabric itself is a huge sheet which must be well over 2ms. It was much too large for me to photograph so please see part of the panel below.

British printed fabric

To avoid fabric wastage, they have printed the exact amount of fabric in the shapes you need for your project so you can just cut and sew. Be warned it is a lot of cutting out, I’d suggest you just cut out each project as you get to it.

Each project has a totally different fabric print to tie in with the project. The one downside of this method, like with any craft kit, is you are getting other people’s choice of fabric, not your own. However, on the plus side it means you don’t spend ages trying to find the perfect matching fabrics for your project, you can get straight on with the sewing.

Sewing magazine with materials

Each project has a picture of the finished item along with a couple of pages of step-by-step instructions with diagrams. For most projects this is sufficient as they are pretty simple to make, however there was one where I needed more information. The stained glass tutorial was focused on making continuous bias binding and had very little instruction on actually sewing the binding. It didn’t tell me what to do with the start and end of each bias strip when sewing and how to handle corners (the tips of the leaves).

Stained glass applique

Understandably they are short of space when including so many projects in each pack. So, they have created supporting You Tube videos to accompany each issue. On the product page for that issue there is a link, and there’s a QR code on the back of each Fabazine. I did check the one for issue 4 but there weren’t any further details on the stained glass appliqué. For the projects which are featured on their You Tube channel you do get a complete walk through showing you exactly how to make the project. Ideal for beginners.

There are enough projects featured in each Fabazine to keep you sewing for several weeks, and if you decide to skip any you can still cut out the fabric and use it for something else, same with any supplies included in the kit. Below are a few of the projects I’ve finished so far. I love the fabric for the pencil roll but don’t need a pencil roll so I’m considering using that to make a pouch instead.

I think Fabazines would work well for people fairly new to sewing. It gives them a selection of projects, with instructions, supporting videos and all the materials you need. You don’t need to buy lots of separate supplies, you don’t need to spend ages picking out fabric, you don’t need to think about what to sew. Craft Yourself Silly have done all that for you. So you can just enjoy the pleasure of sewing something new.

They now have several on their site, including ones themed by season like Christmas, or by material (denim) or technique (sewing zips, fabric weaving) plus new ones are being added frequently. Check them out at: https://www.craftyourselfsilly.com/fabazine

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