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Embroidery Hoop Storage Project

Hoop storage project

This project was designed by Laura Strutt, author of a number of craft books including the Sewing Manual (Haynes, 2013). Visit her blog at www.madepeachy.com

For more details on Laura’s books visit Amazon Author Central

The fabric for this project was kindly supplied by Hantex

Team a few pretty fabric and haberdashery scraps with an embroidery hoop to create your own embroidery hoop storage pockets – great to hang in your sewing space, or fill with stitching treats and give one to a sewing friend.


You will need…

Project using an embroidery hoop

Print cotton in three contrasting designs, fat quarters would work – we used Foxglove by Aneela Hoey for Cloud9 kindly supplied by Hantex

Lightweight Fusible Interfacing – Vlieseline F220 available from Minerva Crafts

Embroidery hoop – 19cm diameter 


Wide ric-rac

(see Pretty Fabrics & Trims for a great selection of ribbons and ric-racs)

Sewing machine

Adhesive-backed hessian  – available from Hobby Craft


You can sew pocket dividers into the storage by simply stitching a series of vertical lines through the layered fabrics before you secure them into the hoop. 

You can scale this pattern up or down to fit a larger or smaller hoop by simply increasing the size of the fabric pieces – be sure to include at lease a 2cm border to allow the fabrics to be folded in neatly.

1. Create the Base Fabric

Make a hoop for storing sewing bits

Trim the main fabric to 24cm square, fuse the Vlieseline F220 on to the wrong side of the fabric and set aside. 


 2. Make Large Pocket

Pocketed sewing hoop storage

Trim the fabric for the larger pocket to 16cm x 25cm. Along one long side, fold under a 1cm to the wrong side and press, fold under a further 1cm and press again. With a straight machine stitch work a line of neat top stitching across the folded edge to secure the fabrics.


3. Create the Smaller Pocket

Sewing accessory projects

Trim the remaining fabric for the smaller pocket to 10cm x 25cm. Along one long side, fold under 1cm to the wrong side and press, fold under a further 1cm and press again. With a straight machine stitch work a line of neat top stitching across the folded edge to secure the fabrics.

Position a piece of ric-rac along the length of the pocket and work a line of stitching along the centre to secure it to the pocket front.


4. Layer the Fabrics

Assembling a storage hoop project

Place the backing fabric right side uppermost and layer the two pockets on top aligning the lower edges. Open out the hoop and use the outer portion – the larger one – as a template to draw a circle on the back of the adhesive-backed hessian.


5. Secure the Fabrics in the Hoop

Using an embroidery ring

Place the outer portion of the hoop over the top of the layered fabrics and the inner portion onto the inside and secure the fabrics in place. Tighten the fittings to ensure that the fabrics are secured firmly in the hoop.


6. Affix the Backing

Hessian backed embroidery hoop

Working on the back of the hoop, fold and press in the excess fabrics into the inside of the hoop – trimming away any bulk at the corners. Position the hessian in place onto the back of the hoop and firmly secure to conceal all the work on the back. Trim a length of ribbon and feed through the hoop fastening before knotting to create a hanging loop.

Finished embroidery hoop storage pocketproject

You’ve now created your own embroidery hoop storage pockets! Well done!

You can find Laura as follows:

Twitter: @madepeachy

Instagram: @madepeachy

Facebook: madepeachy

Pinterest: @madepeachy