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Eco-friendly Haberdashery

Eco-friendly haberdashery items

We’ve had a guide to eco-friendly fabrics on the site for years. However, we’ve been pleased to see that with the increase of interest in sustainable sewing there are now lots of eco-friendly haberdashery items becoming available to buy too. Find out more below.

What is eco-friendly haberdashery?

Eco-friendly means not environmentally harmful. This can take many forms, in the sewing world this can mean products made from recycled plastics, products that are biodegradable, products in cardboard or paper packaging instead of single use plastic, buttons made from renewable sources like wood rather than plastic etc

What eco-friendly haberdashery products are available in the UK?

Eco-friendly thread

Gutermann how have full range of their popular sew all threads which are made from 100% recycled PET bottles. You can buy them from Jaycotts. 

Scanfil produce a range of organic threads on eco-friendly wooden spools. Their threads are certified to GOTS – Global Organic Textile Standards and they use natural dyes. Find them at A Kind Cloth and at Fine City Quilting.

Eco-friendly interfacing and wadding

Vlieseline now manufactures a large portion of their range using 100% renewable raw materials as well as recycled polyester fibres.  In addition to using recycled polyester blends across the full range of products, fusible interlinings F220 and H310 are now manufactured using 100% recycled polyester, and recently launched ultra soft waddings R80 and R200 are also manufactured using 100% recycled polyester.

Vlieseline is also the first manufacturer to introduce a fully biodegradable wadding to the market, ECO 150, manufactured using Lyocell fibre which is derived from eucalyptus. Do note after 3 wash cycles a 20% higher loss of volume can be expected than with comparable waddings.

You can find Vliesline products at Empress Mills,  their eco-friendly interfacings are available from Bawn Textiles or you can use the Vlieseline stockist finder. 

Eco-friendly buttons

When it comes to buttons coconut buttons are considered eco-friendly as they are made from renewable resource and are biodegradable. Make at 140 have a great selection on their online shop. Corozo buttons are another renewable plant based button which is proving popular with sustainable stitchers. You can source them from A Kind Cloth  and Sew Me Sunshine.

Eco-friendly appliques

Prym have just introduced a range of eco friendly appliques, which not only have eco friendly motifs on them but are made from recycled PET plastics and mounted on card instead of being packaged in plastic. Perfect for embellishing your bags, jeans and jackets. Get yours from Empress Mills. 

They are also now packaging many of their knitting products in sustainable packaging, something they are looking to apply to their sewing products soon too.

Eco-friendly trims

Offset Warehouse have a selection of organic cords, tapes, ribbons and elastics on their website.

You can also find organic elastics at Bawn Textiles plus Bawn Textiles also have organic bias bindings too. The Hemp Shop have a range of organic webbings and strappings.

Now you just need to order some organic fabrics to go with your eco-friendly haberdashery and you are ready for sustainable sewing.

Do pop over to our Sewing Directory and pick ‘organic fabrics’ from the drop down to find a range of online shops who sell organic and other eco-friendly fabrics and haberdashery or click the box below to view the listings.