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Earbud Case Project

Circle ear bud case project

This earbud case project is an extract from Sewing Machine Basics for Children written by Angela Pressley. Read our review of this book here. Although written for children, this project can of course be sewn by adults. 

Keep your earbuds tangle free and find them just when you need them with this little holder. You can make these mini purses for any little things you need to keep safe—pocket money, candy, or hairbands.

You will need

For the outside: piece of fabric measuring 7 x 13in (18 x 34cm)

For the lining: piece of fabric measuring 7 x 13in (18 x 34cm)

Zipper, at least 6in (15cm) long

Piece of ribbon measuring 4in (10cm) for the loop

Narrow piece of ribbon for the zipper pull

Matching thread

Round template, 5½ in (14cm) in diameter—I used a plate




Pins/fabric clips

Sewing machine

Zipper foot

Split ring (optional)

Learn how to

✄ Put in a zipper

✄ Sew a complete circle

✄ Sew in a lining

✄ Draft out a circle template

Earbud case project

1 ) To make your template, trace your circular template onto paper and cut it out. With the right sides together, place the outside fabric on top of the lining fabric, matching up the edges. Draw around the circle for the two back pieces. For the front pieces, fold the paper circle template in half and cut along the fold.

Pin the two semicircles on your fabric with a ¾ in (2cm) gap in between the straight edges. Draw around the whole oval shape. Cut out the shapes from the fabric, through both layers. Fold each of the larger oval fabric pieces in half and cut along the folds. You should now have six separate pieces in total: two circles and four semicircles.

Free ear phone storage case pattern

2)  With the right sides together, lay the zipper down on one of the outside front semicircles, matching the straight edges. Pin in place, and then sew down the straight side about 3/8in (1cm) away from the edge using a zipper foot. Slide the zipper pull out of the way if necessary, and reverse stitch at the start and finish.

How to sew an earphone case

3)  Lay the right side of a lining semicircle onto the wrong side of the zipper, matching up the edges of the semicircles. Pin in place. Then turn this piece over and sew along the straight edge, over the top of your existing line of stitching. Now repeat steps 2 and 3 with the second side of the zipper and the other outside and lining semicircles of fabric.

Free earphone case project

4)  Ask an adult to press all the semicircles away from the zipper. Fold your 4in (10cm) ribbon in half and position it on the front just next to the zipper, with the fold facing inward. Open the zipper halfway. Place the circular outside and lining back pieces together, with their wrong sides touching. Now put the fronts and the backs together with the right sides of the outside fabric touching, sandwiching the loop. Pin all the way around.

DIY earphone holder

5)  Make sure the zipper tape ends are touching, and secure each end with a pin. Starting anywhere, sew clockwise all the way around the circle using the righthand side of your foot as your guide on the edge of the fabric. Overlap your stitching by 3/8in (1cm) when you get back to the beginning. Take your time to get a nice smooth curve.

DIY ear bud case project

6 Trim around the circle, cutting any excess off the zipper. Clip into the curves. To turn your purse through to the right side, pull the right side of the fabric out through the open zipper. Push out all the curves. Thread your narrow ribbon onto the zipper pull and knot the ends together. You can also thread a split ring onto the looped ribbon to make your earbuds buddy into a keyring. Your earbuds will love their cozy new home!

Extract from Sewing Machine Basics for Children by Angela Pressley, published by CICO Books (£12.99)

Photography by James Gardiner © CICO Books