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Dressmaking Techniques

The guides below will help you to improve your dressmaking skills and use sewing patterns.

Dressmaking technique guides


Lingerie part two

How to sew lingerie How to add piping How to add snap fasteners into a sewing project 

Sewing bound buttonholes and pockets

Sewing with fastenings

How to sew collars and cuffs

How to Sew Darts

Garments with an overlocker

How to sew an elastic waistband in a skirt

Lining Techniques

Sewing sportswear

Tailoring tips by Lorna Knight

Tips on measuring for dressmaking

Learn to sew useful links

Linings and how to sew with them

Advice for sewing plus size garments

Style Architect choosing a dressmaking pattern

Beginners Guide to sewing clothes

Tips for general sewing and dressmaking

Techniques for machine smocking

How to press your fabric - sewing tips

Sewing with patterned fabrics

How to use sewing patterns

Sewing tips from Lorna Knight - accurate fitting

Self covered cloth buttons guide

Beginners guide to interlining - what it is and how to use it

Garment Making techniques

Learn how to sew sleeves

How to sew pockets - dressmaking techniques

How to use a bias binding maker

How to sew an inset lapped zip - sewing tutorials and tehniques

Common ways of altering a commercial sewing pattern

Learn how to sew with pdf patterns

Tips for accurate sewing from FairyFace Designs

Sewing with jersey - Stretch bias binding

Stitch a hem with double needles

How to get a professional finish when sewing

Sewing a Curved hem sewing techniques

Corset Making Guide

Sewing tips dressmaking tips from Fabric Godmother

How to Sew a Hem

Shirring tutorial for beginners

How to sew an invisible zip

How to use interfacing

Sewing with knit fabrics how to sew jersey

Sewing with felt

Customising clothes

Deborah Simms - DFabricate - Great British Sewing Bee series 3

Upcycling tips and techniques

Sewing terms sewing glossary

How to design and print your own sewing patterns


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