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Minerva CraftsThis project has been designed by Little Miss Fancy Frocks – the dynamic mother-daughter duo who lovingly create handcrafted clothing for adults and children. Visit their Facebook page here.

Minerva Crafts have kindly provided the materials for this project. Visit them for all your sewing and crafting needs.





Dream Catcher Project

Make a Dream Catcher

Make a pretty dream catcher with the kids for their bedrooms! Banish those bad dreams – Let the good dreams flow! 

 Dream catchers are a Native American tradition. The dream catcher is supposed to protect the sleeper from bad dreams, and let good dreams come through. The bad dreams get caught in the ‘web’, and when the sun rises it extinguishes them. The good dreams flow down the feathers and in to the sleeping person below. The main part of a dream catcher is the hoop (traditionally made from willow); it is believed to symbolize strength and unity. The Native Americans would find bits of everyday life to adorn their dream catchers such as feathers, beads, etc.


You will need...

Supplies for dream catcher


 4 wool skeins

8 feathers

4 felt hearts and 4 felt balls

8 beads

You will also need a needle, thread and scissors


 To Make

Wrapping the wooden hoop

 Wrap the wool around your wooden hoop (this will mean your ‘web’ will not slip). Tie some wool around the top of your hoop to display once completed.

Yarn woven across hoop

Criss cross the wool over the hoop to create the web.

Making strands for a dream catcher

 Measure three pieces of wool to the desired length (we used 40cm).

Decorating a dream catcher

Sew or tie the decorations on to the wool lengths. Attach the decorated wool lengths onto the hoop.

Tip: ensure the wool lengths are evenly balanced with decorations on each side of the hoop.

Finished dream catcher

Your dream catcher is ready to hang!

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