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Double Fold Hem Tutorial

Beginners guide to a double fold hem

This is one of the most common hems which can be use for a wide variety of projects.  This example is for a 2 inch hem, you can do whatever is appropriate for your creation.

Beginner's guide to sewing a hem

Fold up the bottom of your fabric by 2 inches, press into place.

Unfold the hem, turn up ½ an inch from the bottom and iron into place.

TIP – Ironing it flat makes it easier to sew and gives a neater outcome.

Pin into place every 4 inches.

TIP – Pin at right angles to the sewing line so that as you machine you can easily pull the pins out.  If you are left handed put your pin heads to the left, if right handed put the pin heads to the right.

Folding a hem

Sew as close to the folded edge as possible, choose a matching thread if you want the hem to blend in.  Do a few stitches forward and then a few backwards to hold your stitches in place at the start.  Do the same at the end to secure your stitches.

This is the standard hem for bottom of skirts, shirts, curtains, trousers etc.  The most useful hem that you will ever use.

The fabric used in this tutorial is Baby Geo from the Foxfield collection by Tula Pink.