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Design your own Embroidery Kits

Making your own embroidery kits

With the slow stitch movement ever growing in popularity there is no better time to launch your own range of embroidery kits. We spoke to Craft Yourself Silly, to find out what you need to know to set about producing your own embroidery kits to sell or to use in your workshops. They have  made several of their own embroidery kits, and help others produce kits too. 


What are the key things you need to think about when designing an embroidery kit? 

1) Fabric weight – You want to use something that is easy to handstitch but heavy enough to take the weight of the stitching once it’s removed from the hoop. It also needs to be something that can take a lot of handling whilst the design is being stitched. 

We recommend 100% cotton half panama which is what we use for our kits. 

2) Fabric colour – Do you want to go with basic white fabric, or a colour?  What colour would best complement your design? 

3) Design size – How much fabric will be required? Bear in mind the fabric is 144cm wide and is printed by the metre. You want to design your embroidery panels in a way that will allow you to fit several on the fabric without wasting too much space to give you the best price. 

Also when thinking about the design size consider how long it will take someone to complete the design. Most people want something that is fairly easily achieveable and isn’t going to be a life long project! 

4) Target Audience – Who are the audience for your kit? Are you looking at beginners who want quick and easy projects, or more intermediate stitchers who might want something a little more challenging and time consuming? 

5) Design – Of course your overall design is key.  Does it have mass appeal, is it something people will rush to buy once they spot it?  Think about popular trends, how it will photograph when made up (for your marketing) and colour palette. What stitches will you use, how many different threads wil be required for the kit, how easy or difficult will it be to stitch? 


Produce your own embroidery kits to sell

What format does the embroidery design have to be in to get it printed on fabric? 

We can handle most file formats including AI file, jpeg, tiff and photoshop files. The resolution is key, the higher the resolution the better. 

What costs are involved? 

Our prices start from £10 per metre for 144cm width of fabric. Depending on your design size you should be able to fit several on a metre. 

Is there a minimum order? 

To qualify for trade prices our minimum order is 10 metres but this can be spread across a number of designs. For example, 2 metres of 5 designs. 

Can you help kit designers with packing, sourcing supplies for their kits etc? 

We offer packaging options which starts from 60p per kit.  Plus we can help with the sourcing of threads, hoops and other accessories. 

So all that remains to start working on your designs. What will your embroidery kits look like? Visit or contact Craft Yourself Silly on 0191 2960398 or for more information.