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This article is the first in a series on revamping your home written by Pippa Blackler.  The series will give tips on choosing fabrics, decor tips and tutorials for making cushions & curtains.  There will be a new article added each month.   Find out more about Pippa by visiting her site.


Decorating Tips For Your Home

When dealing with an assortment of windows in any one area, each window may require a different treatment in order to bring the scheme together, producing a balanced look.

The fabric choice is also very important, helping to create the overall feel and atmosphere of the space.    

Large scale patterns can dominate a room, creating a strong impact and impression and work best in larger areas.  Smaller scale patterns can provide a more elegant and calming feel, complimenting any size room.

For this contemporary open plan kitchen, a stunning fabric with a Bay Tree motif, works beautifully on all the windows, skillfully leading the eye out into the garden.  A smart boarder in a contrast fabric is used on a blind, piping trims round the tiebacks and buttons have been used on the curtain pleats, all helping to enhance depth and adding subtle interest to the scheme. 

How to sew soft furnishings for your home

Take care to ensure your chosen window treatment works within the confines of the window, a single window centered in a wall, for example, is far easier to dress than a window close to, or next to an adjacent wall.  Ask yourself is there a recess?  Is the window symmetrical?  Do you need to consider a radiator below the window?  How will you mount the necessary hardware?  Never choose a style of covering that blocks out too much light, particularly on a north facing window.  And, always make sure the window is clear for opening!

Never skimp on fabric, always remember to include sufficient fabric for pattern matching, this can be overlooked with dismal results.  Short curtains, often seem like an economical idea, but rarely offer the same grace and finish as full length curtains, only use if there is no other option.

The heading of your curtains will help to dictate the overall feel of the interior scheme.  Smart triple or double pleats give a beautiful elegant feel.  Gathered curtains can be more informal and relaxed.  Tab headings and eyelets, offer a more unstructured and unpredictable finish.

How to measure up for curtains

Finally, curtain poles.  Consider the style or period of your house; there are a wonderful selection of poles and finials to choose from.  Whether your preference is Art Deco, Victorian, Contemporary or Country Cottage there will be a curtain pole to complement your home and taste.  Choose a thickness of pole that works with the weight and length of your curtains. 

Happy decorating!

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