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Cuddly Cat Soft Toy

Make a cat soft toy

This project has been designed by Little Miss Fancy Frocks – the dynamic mother-daughter duo who lovingly create handcrafted clothing for adults and children, bespoke bridal and occasion wear, as well as sharing their skills through sewing and craft classes. Visit their Facebook page here.

Minerva Crafts have kindly provided the materials for this project. Visit them for all your sewing and crafting needs.


Use our simple pattern and step by step instructions to make these cute and cuddly kittens. We have made them in soft brushed cotton, fluffy fleece and fur.


You will need…

MAterials needed to make a soft toy

To make one cat toy:

15cm fabric, 150cm wide or 25cm fabric, 112cm wide

2 toy safety eyes (felt is good alternative or beads if the toy is not for a child)


White and blue contrasting felt scraps for eyes, ears, nose and mouth

Black embroidery thread for facial details

Sewing thread

Pattern 1 – please download the pattern and save to your own computer then print from there

Pattern 2 – please download the pattern and save to your own computer then print from there

(Note: when printed each square on the pattern should measure 1cm square – please check your printer is set to print the pattern at 100%)

1cm seam allowance used throughout.



 Under body

Cut 2 in main fabric


Top body

Cut 2 in main fabric


Front head

Cut 1 in main fabric


Back head

Cut 1 in main fabric



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Cut 2 in main fabric



Cut 2 in main fabric and 2 in felt


Facial features

Trace around the eyes, nose and tongue cut out the pieces in contrasting felt of your choice



Placing pattern pieces on a soft toy

Lay the pattern pieces on the fabric – remember the head pieces only require one piece each. Transfer the pattern markings. These are important because they will show you the position of the ears, where to attach the head to the body and where to leave the opening for stuffing the kitten.



Making soft toys

Stitch the two darts and press them to the side.


Make facial features on a soft toy

Using the template as a guide cut out the eye pieces in blue and white felt, cut out the nose and tongue in blue felt and hand stitch in position.

Sew a face for a soft toy

 Stitch the beads in place. Using embroidery thread hand stitch the facial features with a simple back stitch.


Felt animal ears to sew

Fold over the edges of the ears 1cm and tack in place. Trim the felt ears down to sit on top of the fabric ear and machine stitch in place.

Sew ears on a cuddly cat toy

Stitch the ears in place.



With right sides together stitch the tail pieces together. Turn right side out and stuff.



Pattern pieces for a cat toy

With right sides together stitch the top body along the centre seam, insert the tail into the seam near the rear of the body.

Stitch the centre seam of the underside making sure you leave a gap for the stuffing.


Features on a cat soft toy

The top body on the right shows the finished seam with the tail stitched into the seam. The under body on the left shows the seam stitched with the gap for stuffing.

Using an erasable pen mark the paws and stitch. We machine stitched the lines but you can use handstitching if you would prefer.


Attaching the head to the body

With right sides together pin the back head to the top body and pin the front head to the under body. Stitch in place and trim carefully.


Soft toy cat instructions

With right sides together pin the front head to the back head. Stitch from the one side of the head to the other. Do not stitch across the neck seam.

Stitch a soft toy

With right sides together stitch the top body to the under body. Start at the side of the neck, stitch around the body and the rear legs and finish at the other side of the neck.


Minerva Crafts for soft toy supplies

Turn the kitten right side out and stuff.

Stitching a cat soft toy

Hand stitch the opening.

Cuddly cat soft toys