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Crazy Patchwork Coasters

Crazy patchwork coaster project

This crazy patchwork coasters project is written by sewing author Laura Strutt who blogs at

Crazy Patchwork is a great way to show of a selection of bright and vibrant fabrics – both prints and plains. Worked by piecing together cut strips and squares to create a striking crazy patchwork panel, which is then transformed into a set of unique and fun coasters.

These instructions create a set of four coasters, you can make a larger crazy patchwork panel and make more coasters, or even a set of matching placement – ensure that you set aside enough uncut fabrics to create the backing panel.

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What you need…

Bundle of fat quarters or large scraps from your stash
15in square piece of Thermolam or thin wadding
Cutting mat, ruler and rotary cutter
Sewing machine
Needle & thread
Air erasable marker
Saucer (or similar to use as a template)

How to do crazy patchwork

Cut the fabric

Using the rotary cutter, mat and ruler, trim the fabrics into a series of strips varying in widths from 2.5 – 3.5 inches. In order to make a set of four 4.5inch coasters, you will need to create a patchwork panel that measures around 15inches square – lay the fabrics out onto your cutting board until you have enough to cover that area plus extra to accommodate seam allowance. This will also allow you to lay out the fabrics and decide on the placement of the different designs.

Scrappy crazy patchwork

Begin piecing the patchwork

Working with two fabric pieces at a time, place right sides together and join with a straight machine stitch taking a 1/4inch seam allowance. Press the seams to one side before adding in the next piece of fabric in the same manner.

TIP – While it feels rather laborious, I like to press the seams to one side as they are completed, this makes adding in the next piece of fabric quick, easy and neat.

Beginners sewing for the home

Build the panel

Continue adding in new fabric strips, taking a ¼ inch seam allowance. When adding pieces together, use the rotary cutter, ruler and mat to trim up any uneven sections to give two straight edges to join.  


Fat quarter projects

Press the panel

Once all the fabrics have been joined in and you have created a panel of crazy patchwork that measures around 15 inches square, press neatly with all the seams pressed flat to the side. It doesn’t matter if the finished panel has uneven edges, as these will not be used in the project.


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Mark out the coasters

Using the saucer as a template decide on the placement of the four coasters on the surface of the crazy patchwork panel. Using a glass saucer, like this one, will let you see the section of fabrics that will appear on the front of the finished coaster. Once happy with the placement, use an air erasable marker to mark out the outlines of the four coasters. 

Working with fabric scraps

Cut the remaining coaster pieces

Use the saucer in the same manner to outline and cut four circles from the Thermolam or thin wadding, and a further four from a remaining fat quarter – as the front of the coaster is going to be very busy with patterns, you might like to select a solid coloured fabric for the backing.

Sew with fat quarters

Layer the coaster pieces

Place the patchwork section on top of the backing fabric with the right sides facing. Position the circle of Thermolam, or wadding, on top of the patchwork section and pin into place, ready to stitch.


Home sewing projects

Sew the coaster

Taking a 1cm seam allowance, work around the outer edge of the coaster to join the three sections securely together. Leave a 4cm gap in the stitching for turning through. Once stitched, carefully clip the seam allowance around the entire coaster to allow the seam to turn through neatly.  

Using fat quarters

Finish the coaster

Turn the coaster through to the right side through the gap in the seam and press neatly. Press the seam allowance running along the gap in the seam inside the coaster and neatly join with small slip stitched. Working around the edge of the coaster with a straight machine, add a line of top stitching around the coaster, 5mm from the outer edge to complete the coaster.

Crazy patchwork coaster project

Complete the set

Repeat Steps 8 – 10 to complete the remaining coasters to create a set of four unique, crazy patchwork coasters.

Laura Strutt is the author of The Sewing Manual, Haynes, £21.99 and the DIY Wedding Manual, Haynes £18.99. Laura can also be found blogging daily at

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