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This tutorial has been provided by Sara Webster of Kitty Eden maker of many lovely stitched things.


How to sew a phone case for your mobile


You can personalise this cute phone pouch with embroidery or applique. You can also increase the size to make the case for a tablet or ipad.

So here we go firstly you will need 

  1. some felt
  2. pretty lining fabric for the inside of your pouch
  3. a strip of fabric to make the loop
  4. a couple of buttons 
  5. thread
  6. tracing / pattern paper
  7. tape measure or ruler

pattern for making a phone case from felt

First of all I make up my pattern. You can make it any size you like, it's best to measure your phone and make the case a little larger to ensure it will fit.  Do bear in mind you will lose half an inch in the seam allowances.  Mine is 11cms across by 12cms down.

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Next we make the loop.  Cut a strip 3.5cms wide by 14cms long.  Fold in each end in then fold the strip in half, then fold again.  Now iron and stitch so it looks like this, then put aside for later.

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When you have drawn your pattern you need to pin it to your felt you need to cut 2 of these for the pouch outer then cut 2 out of your lining fabric.  Next give them a quick iron.

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If you want to add some applique or embroidery or whatever to decorate your pouch
this is the time.


Applique mobile case tutorial

I have appliqued a little bird that Kitty drew a while ago (yes I do keep everything) and I have free machined Kitty's name.  You can of course decorate your pouch anyway you like !!!!

Now you can start to make up the pouch.  Put one piece of fabric and one piece of felt right sides together like so and pin. This makes one side now do the same with the other piece of fabric and felt, pin, stitch these together like so:

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Now open out and iron out the seams, next you need to put both sides together with right sides on the inside.  Match up the seams like so, match up all the way around and pin, then when you are happy sew this up leaving a gap for turning this should be on the lining piece.

         Sew the edges together      Sew around the edge     Phone case


I sew from here all the way around to here.

Now the fun bit turn your pouch through do this slowly and carefully pushing out the sides as your go along.

Turn the pouch through

There you go a pouch, now iron the more time you spend ironing at the stage the nicer the finish
now stitch up the turning gap and snip the threads.

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Now you add the loop we made at the start.  Measure up on your pouch where you want the loop to go
and stitch on like so:

Loop and button fastening

Add a button to the front and away you go.  Enjoy your new phone case.


 If you'd prefer to make a patchwork phone case take a look at this project.

Patchwork scrap phone case