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This tutorial has kindly been provided by Amandauniquely. 

 Refashion a t-shirt into a halterneck top

Refashioning clothes - T-shirt to Halterneck.

I have had this T-shirt for years, it was a souvenir from my holiday in Florida which I bought as I loved its colour & motif but every Summer I take it out only to remember the reason I never wear it is it too restrictive at the neck and arms making you feel even hotter. But not this year, rather than it going to waste I'd have a go at transforming it into something more wearable.

How to upcycle a t-shirt

Take one t-shirt to be re-fashioned one that is a snug fit works best, otherwise you may need to take in the sides.  Be brave take a deep breath & cut off the sleeves.Then remove the trim on the bottom inch of the t-shirt in one piece & keep, this will form the neck tie later on meaning you don't have to stitch one.    

Removing the arms from a t-shirt
Lie the piece flat, if you wish you can draw a straight line across the body of the t-shirt under the neck opening, then cut along it.  Or like me you can just dive in and cut by guess work.

How to turn a t-shirt into a halter neck top
Then turning the piece so the back is facing draw a line connecting arm hole to arm hole, and cut across the back or just cut away.

Refashioning ideas for t-shirts

The t-shirt should be looking like the below picture now, if you want to neaten the seams around the bottom now is a good time to do it, but I kept mine raw & they just roll up a bit at the bottom.  Jersey  fabric won't fray so you can leave them raw if you want.

Refashioning projects

Now we need to make the halter neck piece of the t-shirt, lay the shirt front down and turn over the top front neckline by roughly one inch, stitch across this in a matching thread or use a contrasting one for a detailed effect, leaving openings at each end this creates the drawstring channel for the top.

Drawstring channel
Take your trim from the bottom of the t-shirt & cut once so you have one long piece, then thread this through the seam.I did this by clipping a hair clip to one end & feeding it through, or you could use a knitting needle to push it through or attach a safety pin.  When pulled though to an even length tie a knot in each end of cord and ruche the front up.

How to sew a gathered halterneck top
Then wear, sorry its a bit of a bad picture of me but hopefully you get the idea. I made this during an episode of Doctor Who so it's a quick make to do and I love the fact that I can comfortably wear my t-shirt now.

Turning a t-shirt into a halterneck
Enjoy wearing your newly refashioned t-shirt.
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