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Christmas Tree Pot Holder Patchwork Project

Sew a festive pot holder

This fun contemporary patchwork pattern features a Christmas tree! This pattern will provide dimensions to make a 12½ inch block. It's the perfect size for a Pot Holder to protect your table from heat marks. But you could easily add extra borders and turn it into a cushion. Or why not make lots of blocks and turn it into a cosy Christmas quilt!


You will need...

Four Fat Quarters of fabric

Wadding: 13½ x 13½ inches

Insulbright: 13½ x 13½ inches

Thread, pins & scissors

Sewing Machine

FINISHED SIZE - 12½ inches square approx.



Read ALL instructions before beginning

Press all fabrics well before cutting

All seam allowances ¼ inch


Cutting - all measurements in inches

Tree fabric:

Cut one of each: 3½ x 2in; 4½ x 2in; 5½ x 2in; 6½ x 2in; 7½ x 2in

Background fabric:

For the tree, cut two (2) of each: 5 x 2in; 4½ x 2in; 4 x 2in; 3½ x 2in; 3 x 2in


For the tree stump, cut two: 4½ x 2in

Tree Stump fabric:

Cut one: 1½ x 2in

Border fabric:

Cut two of each: 2 x 9½in; 12½ x 2in

Binding fabric:

Cut 60 x 1⅞in - this can be pieced or you can buy ready-made binding

Backing fabric: 14½ x 14½in

Wadding: 13½ x 13½in

Insulbright - Insulated wadding: 13½ x 13½in


Piecing the Block

How do I make a pot holder?

1. Stitch a 4½ x 2 inch background fabric rectangle either side of the tree stump fabric. Press all seams open


Piecing a tree block

2. To make the tree, there are five rows, each formed of two background pieces and one tree piece. Each row is formed in the same way, as follows. Starting with the bottom row, lay out the largest tree piece right sides up horizontally. Take the two smallest background rectangles and lay them right sides down vertically at each end of the tree piece. Stitch 45° line as shown.


Trim excess on block

3. Trim excess on corners with 1/4 inch seam allowance, fold over and press seams open.


Piecing rows for a Christmas tree block

4. Repeat with remaining rows.


Stitch Christmas tree block together

5. Stitch the tree rows together to form the central block and trim to 9½ inch square.

Adding side borders to a patchwork block

6. Add the two side borders.

Borders on a Christmas tree patchwork block

7. Add the top and bottom borders. Trim to 12½ inch square.

Layer up a quilt andwich

8. Lay out the backing fabric wrong side facing up, place the Insulbright in the centre with the regular wadding on top. Then place your pieced block in the centre right side up.


How to quilt by machine

9. Pin together with curved safety pins. Using a walking foot to stitch lines as desired.


Zigzag edges of quilt before binding

10. Trim off the excess backing fabric and wadding.

Tip: Zigzag stitch around the four edges. This will make your life much easier when attaching the binding as with two layers of wadding it can be really bulky and the zig zag stitches will compress the bulk.


Add binding to a quilt

11. Attach the binding to the back starting at one corner all the way around.


Sewing on binding for a quilt

12. Stitch ⅜ inch from the edge and have your bobbin loaded with a colour that matches your fabric on the front.


Sewing corners on quilt binding

13. Before you reach the end, stop and fold over the binding at the start, so that it gets sewn in correctly.


Finishing the end of quilt binding

14. Now fold your binding over to the front and top stitch close to the edge of the binding, continuing all the way to the end of the tail. Forming a hanging loop at the end and stitch in place.


Finished Christmas pot holder

Your pot holder is finished!


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