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 Make a felt garland

Create this festive garland to adorn your home this Christmas. The garland uses felt, sequins and beads and is a perfect project for the complete beginner to crafting.


You will need...

Materials for a felt garland

Red felt – 30cm x 35cm for the large garland, 30 x 25cm for the small garland - we used felt from Hantex 

White felt – 30cm x 20cm for the large garland, 25cm x 15cm for the small garland

Green felt – 30cm x 20cm for the large garland, 25cm x 15cm for the small garland

1 metre of red ribbon for each garland

Beads – red and green

Sequins – red, green and gold

Red thread

You will also need card for the poinsettia templates, scissors, a sewing needle 



Cut out flower shapes

Using the templates cut out the felt pieces:

Large garland 22 motifs – 11 red, 5 white, 6 green

Small garland 30 motifs – 15 red, 7 white, 8 green


Making felt flowers

Place one motif on top of another. You can mix and match the colours as you wish.

 Sewing on a bead

Starting with a knot bring your thread onto the surface and thread through a sequin and bead.

Making a felt flower

Take your needle back through the sequin to the underside.

 Add a ring of sequins

Stitch six sequins around the centre sequin in the same way.


Poinsettia felt flowers

Stitch a further six sequins around the 6 sequins. You can mix and match the sequins and beads to give a colourful effect which will reflect the light.

 Adding ribbon

Lay out the metre of ribbon. At each end of the ribbon fold over 2.5cm and pin and stitch in place. This will form the loop to attach the garland. Position the motifs equally along the length of ribbon.


Stitching on felt flowers

Locate the centre of each motif and mark the ribbon, this is where the motif will be stitched.


Securing the flowers to the ribbon

Stitch each motif in position.


Make a poinsettia garland

Here is the completed garland ready to hang!


Make a floral gift tag

The flowers can also be used to make gift tags.


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